October 17

6 ways to keep your buy-to-let secure

Maintaining buy-to-let property security and tenant safety

Now that summer is drawing to a close and autumn is fast approaching, it’s time for but-to-let landlords to protect their property and their tenant relationship. With the end of the school holidays comes the end of bored teenagers wandering the streets. Unfortunately, it is also the sign that nights are getting longer and darker. Your investment property could become a target for burglars or vandals – especially if it has been targeted before or there’s a crime wave in the area. Make sure that your buy-to-let property is secure.
In this post, I’ll explain a few security measures you should be considering at this time of year. Putting these in place will make your property more secure and help to keep your best tenants for longer.

1.    Make light of the dark nights

Motion operated lights are a huge deterrent to burglars and intruders. They’re even better than a constant light, with intruders never quite certain when and where their movement will cause the sensor to kick into action.

2.    Make sure your tenants know where to park

If tenants have a designated parking spot, make sure they use it. When a car is parked in the same spot every night, it’s easier to keep an eye on it and make sure it isn’t vandalised.

3.    Check lighting, locks, and alarms

Make sure that all locks around the property are in good working order, and that each has a key supplied.
Book a technician to all and check on all outside lights, window and door locks, and alarms. Replace bulbs, undertake general maintenance, and ensure that security cameras and lighting are doing the job they are there to do.
It is also the ideal opportunity to perform annual maintenance on smoke and fire alarms.

4.    Pay attention to broken windows and unkempt outside space

Nothing welcomes a burglar more than a poorly tended garden and boarded-up windows: it’s an easy target, with occupants that don’t care. A well-kept exterior indicates an occupant that has taken measures against unwanted intruders.

5.    Report graffiti to the police

Vandals will often tag a likely looking property discreetly, before going on a binge. Watch out for graffiti on hidden parts of garden walls, sheds, and the property itself. If you or your tenant finds any, report it to the police, take photos, and then clean it. If vandals see you’re looking after the property, they’ll likely move on to an easier target.

6.    Encourage your tenant to join neighbourhood watch

If there is a neighbourhood watch scheme operating in the area where your investment property is, encourage your tenant to join. Get a sign put up outside your property. This alone is a deterrent.
Take a look at your property management budget, and put in place the security needed to make your property secure and keep your tenant safe. Contact us today, either by phone +44 1522 503 717 or via our online contact form, and we’ll be happy to discuss other security measures that will safeguard your investment.
Brett Alegre-Wood MARLA MNAEA


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