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7 benefits of investment property management for buy-to-let investors

Why the most successful landlords don’t do day-to-day property management

As a property investor, you are probably looking forward to increasing your monthly income and building long-term wealth. The downside is the day-to-day management of your property. Being a DIY landlord doesn’t allow you to simply sit back and collect the rent while the value of your property rises.
Increasing numbers of property investors are choosing to have an investment property manager handle the day-to-day responsibilities of their property and tenants. A more relaxed, higher quality of life and more free time is the aim of most of our property investor/buy-to-let landlord clients. Here are seven ways in which we help you achieve this.

1.    You’re less likely to suffer from tenants from hell

If you get a bad tenant, evicting them from your property will cost you time and money, and a whole lot of stress.
As an experienced investment property manager, we deal with thousands of tenant applications every year. We’ve become good at spotting the tenants from hell just from their answers on the application form. On top of this, we employ the most rigorous tenant vetting procedures. The best-quality tenants will:

  • Pay their rent on time
  • Stay in your property for longer
  • Look after your property as if it is their own
  • Cause you less stress and heartache

Our experience and vetting procedures are a shield that protects you from professional rent scammers and poor tenants. You’ll also avoid the possibility of a court battle from disgruntled applicants who claim discrimination against them.

2.    Your tenancy turnover rates are lower

Tenant turnover causes void periods. And void periods kill your buy-to-let profits. We work hard to keep tenants happy. A happier tenant stays for longer and is more likely to accept rental increases without argument. We know how to make your buy-to-let property irresistible to long-term tenants.
Of course, it’s not just the void period itself that costs you. When a tenant leaves, you’ll need to go through a whole process to make sure your property is ready for your next tenant. The property will need to be cleaned, possibly redecorated, and the locks will need to be changed, too. And then there’s the marketing, tenant vetting, and new tenancy agreements to be drawn up.
In short, the higher the tenant turnover, the higher your costs and the lower your profits.

3.    Should a tenant move, the void period should be shorter

If a tenant does want to leave, we provide three essential functions:

  • We market your property effectively. Often, we’ll already have your next tenant on our books. It is one reason why most of the properties under our management are rented within two weeks of becoming vacant, compared to the national average of more than three weeks.
  • We ensure you get the best rent possible. By keeping on top of local rental markets, we determine the correct rent for your property. We’ll also offer advice to you if your rental demand is too high or too low. Either could be what is stopping you from finding the best tenants.
  • As a tenancy is coming to an end, we inspect the property and suggest maintenance and repairs that will improve your property and ensure it rents to the best tenants and at the best price. We’ll oversee these for you, too.

Shorter void periods equal higher rental profits.

4.    Your rent is more likely to be paid on time

If your rent doesn’t get paid, your profits will be destroyed. And if your rent is paid late every month, your cash flow will be hurt. Late payment could mean your account goes overdrawn, or lead to late payment of your mortgage.
We employ consistent rental collection procedures, and our systems help us to stay one step ahead of the whole process. If necessary, we send reminders ahead of the date it’s due. As soon as a tenant is late, we kick into action. And as soon as the rent is paid into our account, we pay it into your account within 24 hours.

5.    We’re the buffer that lets you get on with your life

If there’s a problem with your property, you can bet your life on it that the tenant will want it dealt with immediately. That means 2 am phone calls. It may not always be possible for you to drop everything and resolve the problem. You have your own life to lead.
Our systems, procedures and local market contacts mean we address problems based on their severity, and 24/7. That means you won’t be disturbed during Sunday lunch, or while you’re catching the rays on your holiday.
As your investment property manager, we’re viewed differently by your tenant. They see us as your employee. Someone with a job to do, sticking to the rules and regulations, and on their side as much as we are on yours. We get to be the bad guy much more easily, whether it’s chasing rent, insisting on satisfactory tenant behaviours, or, in the very worst case, evicting.

6.    You should have lower maintenance and repair bills

Comprehensive tenant vetting procedures combined with our regular property inspections, tenant contact, and connections to local tradespeople, help to keep your maintenance and repair bills down.

7.    You’ll have fewer expensive legal issues

As investment property managers, it’s our job to keep on top of all the rules and regulations that affect landlords. We set time aside to ensure we review the latest changes every week. As registered members of ARLA, you can be sure that we work to the highest standards – and that includes working to the latest landlord regulations. Over the last two years, we’ve updated our procedures, processes, and systems to reflect the change in laws and regulations that affect:

  • Tenant vetting
  • Property safety
  • The eviction process
  • Property inspections
  • Tenancy agreements
  • Security deposits

Making mistakes in any area of property management is likely to cost you time and money. We save you both.
What are your objectives for property investment?
Our guess is that you don’t want to be a full-time landlord. You’ve probably got a busy life already. You’ve invested in property to improve your lifestyle and create long-term wealth. As your investment property manager, our aim is to help you achieve your aims by:

  • Taking the stress away, acting as the buffer between you and the tenant, dealing with emergencies, chasing rent, keeping on top of maintenance issues, protecting you from professional rental scammers and poor tradespeople, and dealing with the rare tenant from hell.
  • Giving you more free time, letting you enjoy your days and evenings with family and friends, or doing the things you like to do most.
  • Allowing you to own property in the best places to invest in the UK, wherever you live. As a national investment property manager, we are your single point of contact, liaising with tenants and local tradespeople on your behalf, and collecting rent for you every month.
  • Helping you to work in the business of investing in property, and not in it. With more time available to seek out the best investment opportunities, you’ll make better property investments.

Contact one of the Ezytrac team today on +44  01522  503  717. We want you to maximise your buy-to-let profits through great investment property management and make your life easier.
Yours in effortless property management,
Brett Alegre-Wood MARLA MNAEA


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