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How we can help you grow your business:

Here's Brett with a summary of how we can help you grow your business. 

Brett Alegre-Wood Ezytrac Group Managing Director


I'm Brett Alegre-Wood

Since 2004 we've been working with contractors across the country to identify, analyse, maintain, renovate, and generally provide a great service on behalf of our landlords.

Our team are professionals who are used to dealing with every situation that come up over the course of owning a property. We're used to the nuances of tenants who aren't the most cooperative yet want things fixed in world record time. We're used to dealing with landlords who think everything should be free. 

Basically, we understand your game and what frustrates you and that why we're set the business up to make things as easy as possible.

Our scale allows us to offer a volume of work and our commitment to partnership means that we can work through issues and allow you to grow your business through our business. 

Brett Alegre-Wood
Group Managing Director

Opportunity for ALL Service Types

If it's a property we need your service. Our system allows you to choose what areas and what services you will be consider for. It's a simple process to get started. 

List of Service Types

  • Aerial / Network Specialists
  • Air Conditioner Services
  • Architect
  • Bricklayers
  • Carpenter/Joiner
  • Carpet Layers
  • Cleaners
  • Damp and Moisture Specialists
  • Drainage Specialists
    < /span>
  • Electricians
  • EPC Provider
  • Fencing Services
  • Alarm Specialists
  • Flooring
  • Furnishing
  • Gardener
  • Gas Engineer
  • General Builder
  • General Maintenance
  • Heating Engineer
  • Intercom/Phone
  • Key Cutter
  • Legal Services
  • Locksmith
  • Painter/Decorator
  • PAT Testing
  • Pest Control
  • Plasterer
  • Plumber
  • Removals
  • Roofer
  • Scaffolding
  • Skip Hire
  • Tiler
  • White Goods Engineer
  • White Good Supplier
  • Window Services/Glazier

 How It Works


We establish an Account so we have things like your qualifications what area, specialism and this is added to our system allowing our Maintenance Managers to instruct work.


We will instruct each job through our work order system which you can manage & update through our smartphone app or online.


If the job needs to be quoted, this is arranged and approved. You will then complete the job and update our system, and most importantly send us your invoice :).  


Our accounts team arrange payment, and you can see from our system when payment has been made. We usually pay within 30days of invoice and for larger jobs can arrange for part payment upfront. 

 Where are our properties?

  • London - 619 and growing
  • Manchester & Greater Manchester - 205 and growing
  • Birmingham - 60 and growing
  • Liverpool & Merseyside - 85
  • Sheffield, Leeds and Surrounds - 139 
  • Nottingham & Lincolnshire - 65 and growing
  • Newcastle - 60 
  • ... and many more across England.

Postcode Locator: The following are the postcodes were we manage properties. (Last updated March 2021)

B1, B12, B15, B5, BB12, BB6, BD1, BD10, BD17, BD2, BD6, BD7, BL1, BL3, BN23, BN3, CB1, CH65, CM7, CO2, CR0 ,CV4 ,CW7 ,DA11,DA9 ,DE14,DE15,DE7 ,DH1 ,DH2 ,DH4, DH5, DH8, DH9, DL14, DL4, DN21, E1, E14, E15, E16, E18, E3, E9, EC1M, EC1V, EN5, EN9, EX15, GL2, GL4, HA7, HA8, HA9, HD3, HD5, HP11, HU1, HU13, HU9, HX2, IG3, KT1, KT20, KT22, L10, L19, L2, L3, L33 ,L34, L7, LA4, LE13, LE3, LN1, LN2, LN3, LN5, LN6, LS10, LS12, LS14, LS29, LS9, M1, M15, M16, M17, M20, M26, M27, M3, M35, M4, M40, M44, M5, M50, M9, ME10, ME7, MK40, N5, N7, NE1, NE21, NE3, NE33, NE61, NE8, NG16, NG20, NG24, NG5, NN4, NN5, NR13, NR32, NW1 ,NW10, NW3, NW9, OL11, OL13, OL14, OL2, OL6, PE1, PE2, PE30, PL26, PR1 ,RH1, RH19, RM18, RM19, S3, S3, S5, S6, S64, S65, S70, S71, S72, SE1, SE10, SE11, SE15, SE16, SE17, SE18, SE18, SE22, SE23, SE3 ,SE8 ,SE9 ,SG1 ,SK14, SK16, SK5, SO31, SR1, ST6, SW16, SW18, SW4, TN24, TS4, TS5 ,TS6 ,TW4, UB1, UB10, UB3, UB8, W10, W14, W3, W4, WA2, WA3, WA4, WA7, WC1X, WF1, WF13, WF9, WN3, WR1, WS1, WS10, WS3, WV6,YO8

Dedicated Accounts Department to Get you Paid Quickly.

We have a dedicated department to arrange your payments as quickly as possible. 

  • Our usual payment is up to 30 days of invoice, this means that we do pay runs every Friday, so once you get the invoice to us we add it to our system and as long as its approved and we have funds (usually from rental) then you will get payment in 5 working days. 
  • Usually one of the main holdups is checking the quality of your work before getting you paid, we combat this by contacting the tenant as soon as you tell us the job is done and asking their feedback. If they don't reply within 3 days then we can assume they have no issues with the work and we can get you paid. 
  • Our system allows you to see your outstanding work including invoices and payments. Saving you time from having to constantly call and wait while we find the information. Of course we're always happy to chat and work with you and will update you should their be queries 

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