June 6

Are there Property Deals About Right Now?

The smart money is at the starters line, will you be with them to secure the first round of deals in this recession? Or will you wait and come into when the institutional investors jump or perhaps wait until the herd finally meanders over.
My money’s on the smart money and here’s why!
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Video Transcription:
Hey Guys, how are you? so are there deals about right now? so we’re talking about the start of June 2020 and I think it’s quite interesting because if you go on to YouTube what you’re gonna find is lots of property “gurus”, you know. Really they’re going to talk about all these wonderful deals that are out there and how easy it is to do deals and simple it is to do deals. And the reality is, is that it’s not that easy. The place is still to a large degree lockdown and you know things are not moving as quickly, you know people are still away, they’re still people that are working from home.
So you know making it sound really easy to just do deals yeah deals best deals ever I’m not seeing it. I can sit here and say oh yeah get in now they found that. It’s not you know most of the people that I speak to are saying actually we’re okay right now but don’t go away because we might get worse. And I think where it’s gonna get worst, is probably once the recessions announced 1st of July and we start having to get back from furlough.
You think about this, okay this is how the deals are probably gonna go over the next you know a few months. I think what we’ll do in June nothing much will happen. It will stay the same as it’s been okay because the furlough system is in place everything’s in place. Then you’ve got July where the businesses have to pay 5% yeah and so at that point there might be decisions and the unemployment rate increase because there’ll be some redundancy things like that. Then it’s 15% because it’s a 5% NIPI and 10% towards the furlough. Then it’s 25%. So what we might start to see is the unemployment rate go up, the deals start to get better, things start to slow down. If that’s even possible because that’s the other thing you know it’s already dead. So it’s not really gonna slow down but you might start to see some deals coming through.
You can say Oh we’ll all wait until after that and in fact, I’ll wait until next year. I think because what’s happened now what I’m noticing and this is why  I did this video. Right now the deals aren’t there you know if I’m honest, the deals are okay you know yeah they’re a bit more negotiable, developers,  agent’s and people we’re dealing with. But for the most part, nobody needs to sell so the deals aren’t there and people are telling you the deals there are either full BS. They’re trying to sell you something you know. They’re trying to sell you on their deals or their deal-making.
But the reality is what I’m noticing now and just even the last few days I’ve actually got involved where I’ve actually got 60 million pounds confirm money sitting there cash to put into deals now, not necessary it’s not my money but it’s a consortium of property mates and buddies and people that I know and people over from Singapore in the UK who have all got together.
Effectively and there are these different groups and going right this is what’s on the table can you source this type of stock. I’m like fantastic that’s great. So that money is there. The smart money is already on the table yeah but it’s not putting it anywhere because the deals aren’t there it’s waiting.
So as soon as those deals come bang they’re gonna get in there and they will snap up the best bargains. That’s when the problem is a lot of us as individuals sit there and go I want to know 100% that we’re in recovery before I jump in. By the time you do that smart money’s already been in. You know so smart money leads in smart money right now is getting the money in the bank account and getting that solicitor in the client bank account to say yes I have proof of funds, there are the proof funds so that when I go out and find deals I can go into whichever the developer is and say hey that block I know you had it on for 10 million but I’ll offer you five yeah. And that stage they’re like hold on a sec five that’s ridiculous I can’t do without my bank funding on that is five point five and plus I’ve got these fees and that fees and this and that you know so the lowest I could go was you know six you know and then it’s like okay so and then we do a deal at six or seven or whatever it is yeah.
The smart money is now in play and it’s not in play as in buying the deals yet but it’s in play as in yes it’s there there’s proof of funds words getting out I’m speaking of all the people that I know they’re speaking to me and we’re doing deals and we’re not sorry we’re not doing deals we’re getting ready to do deals. So as soon as somebody goes hey I need to do a deal I need to get rid of this block I need to get rid of this five million these 20 apartments these five last apartments they’re all completed and I don’t want to hold on till the bank’s pressing me for it. That’s when that’s my money goes bang bang bang bang bang bang, yeah and if you want to get in on that you need to be getting ready now you need to be talking to my guys gonna be talking to us and getting ready.
Getting your head in the game to think now’s the time to get in because that’s where the smart money is all right guys. I think it’s really really important that you get if you want to play the game how the winners play you’ve got to be looking to get in now not start as soon as the newspapers tell you that the game is in play. And then go okay maybe yeah I’ll have a chat with you guys yeah and then three months later make a decision and by that stage, all of the good deals are gone. And what’s left is everyone going oh actually people out there on I can put my deal on and I can say it with this one it’s actually probably only worth this and it’s not really anything up a bit much of a deal. It might still be a good deal.
But you know and look there is some risk make no mistake there’s some risk because the smart money can get in and sometimes we can have a double-dip I know so the prices have been held pretty well you know they’ve dropped a little bit but actually they may drop but that’s where when you negotiate you make sure that if you reckon it’s going to drop 30% you get 35% and then you see it through. You know so there are lots of strategies on it but guys if you’re interested in that sort of stuff if you’re interested in getting involved in getting some of those deals when we press the button say play then you need to be speaking the team now not later on because if you leave it too late so then you’re gonna be left for the scraps.
There is going to be deals there. There will 100% be deals will they be 30%, 40% I doubt it I seriously doubt it I think it’s more likely to be tens you know maybe 15s the odd occasion you know a lot of people say 20s 30s I think the way you get twenty twenties and thirties is gonna be you know need big cash to put into big projects and that’s how you get those sort of big returns we’re actually the developers using I handed back and owe money or he sells out to us a bottom base and money and walks away you know without having to that’s where you get the big discounts in this time right now I think.
All right guys any questions you’ve got you know put them in the comments and yet make sure you subscribe I’ll keep you updated and we’ll chat soon see you later bye


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