October 23

Are we heading to a NO DEAL BREXIT

Video Transcription:
My fear is we’re heading towards a no deal Brexit. In principle, what do I mean by that actually to be sure I’ve said this if you go back a year and a half ago I actually said this “are we being hoodwinked” I think the video was um because i said actually we will get a deal they will get a deal it will be a no deal but they will call a deal because politically they can’t afford the fallout from a no deal. 
Now there is some arguments say that a no deal will be better for Britain because of negotiation blah blah blah it’ll create some turmoil I don’t know you know i mean that’s some pretty advanced economics and some you know pretty and I don’t have the economics I don’t have the economist sitting behind me to do all the number crunching for that. Look for me it comes down to this Brexit was one of those things where it was quite divisive.


Brexit Video

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