November 3

Bretts 2021 House Price Predictions

Video Transcription:
My predictions for 2021, I reckon prices will drop around 3% not drastic but I do think they’ll either rise 3% all the way down to -10% so some areas are going to see drops and they’ll be the ones that make the headlines but then other areas I think aren’t that bad.
Let me bring the other boys on, so what do you guys think about that? any thoughts on house prices for next year?
Ritesh: It’s an interesting one. I’m sort of splitting. I’ve got a wider range here I’m sitting between 0 to 10, so either nothing can happen too. We could drop by 10% although that 10% drop might mean a drop of 15% or that 0% playing that region and the reason why even though a lot of the news is coming out and all the Covid situation should mean that we have a price drop. I remember back in 2009 when you know a lot of places well most places in the UK were dropping in price, London not dropping as much but still dropping but yeah places like King’s Cross, Islington, Brett you must be aware you had a place in Islington. It was fun you’re going up which is ridiculous ludicrous how can an area go up and go up in price during a global financial crisis but it was.
Brett:  I think one of the interesting thing is if you look at London the house prices they dropped for six months and everyone said oh London blah blah blah and then they bounce straight back up and then they continue to grow you know and look at them now they’ve you know they’re doubled in price. We’ll show you some stats later on. It’s incredible that side of it. 
So house prices is one thing you know and we can go into lots and lots of statistics and a lot of stuff but to be fair you know that really gives you the summary. Most people you know to be fair you know I’ve got comments on my my youtube of people saying no no they’re going to drop 20 or 30 percent, London you know is devastated because everyone’s moving out there’s going to be no one left in the city and all these you know it’s just not not how it’s going to play out.


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