November 16

Brexit Deal- Hangs In Balance

Video Transcription:
Let’s talk about Brexit I just realised that it says London Property Hotspots sorry guys. Look Brexit, I think one of the key one Brexit deal hangs in the balance says EU Council President and look I’ve been saying this for a while. I think the whole thing with this Brexit is that we’re gonna see lots and lots of manoeuvring, negotiation, tactics all that sort of stuff right until the last stop you know the the last day of the last thing and they will get a and it won’t actually be the last day because they’ve got to get through parliament effectively but it’ll be the last day of the negotiations when they’ll come up with something. I don’t think it’ll be very impressive but it’ll be enough politically to show you know that we’re interested in. And interestingly what came out today you know GOVE says UK has 66% chance of Brexit deal amid breakthrough.
We’ve gone from most people saying we’re not gonna you know no deal Brexit prepare for no deal Brexit we’re not you know they’re not negotiating to now we’ve got a 66% chance you know that’s not too bad yeah that’s in fact at this stage the negotiations that’s almost a certainty. so just watch and i’ll you know we’ll see we’ll see what this says about that. 



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