April 2

Brexit thoughts with Ezytrac’s Brett and Mike

Brett Alegre-Wood & Michael Scrase-Hollamby from Ezytrac Property Group discuss the February 2019 situation with Brexit.
Brexit is such a fluid subject so it’s changing almost daily. You can get the latest update from Brett on https://www.gladfish.com/brexit
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Video Transcription:
Brett: Then let’s start off with Brexit. So, what are your thoughts on Brexit?
Michael: What is Brexit? Nobody’s heard of it.  
Brett: Yeah.  
Michael: No Brexit, it is very, very topical at the moment. It’s everywhere you go, you open a newspaper, you open your phone straight away. One of the key subjects at the moment is Brexit and I think there is a lot of scaremongering at the moment. I think, as you’ve mentioned, in a lot of your videos already with your rants in your videos, there is … Brexit is a thing, it will come, it will pass, they will get a deal out of it. Again, I’ve mentioned in some of my one a day videos previously is that this is just a short period of time.
There will be a deal out it, it might be not what everybody’s ideally hoping for, but a lot of people and yourselves out there, you’ve invested for the short, medium and the long term. So if we look back over the last sort of 10 years, I think that will give you an indication of what’s going to happen maybe over the next 10.
So, I see really that this is a big hurdle to get over. But, if you’re looking for a property investment and you’ve done this for the purposes you have done, you’re going to start thinking many sorts of broader, apart from these next sort of six months in particular.
Brett: I think it’s interesting, I just did an update. I wrote a book when Brexit first was announced two years ago. And so basically what I’ve done is, I’ve updated that now and in fact, I updated the book and then I went, you know this is rubbish because it’s changing so often. So I’ve actually done an addendum to the book if you like, a separate thing that I’m going to be publishing very soon, this week in fact. So, you’ll get this, probably as part of this video as well.
But I think the interesting thing with there, when you look at the stats, you look at the claims that were made versus the reality of the market and the actual data that’s coming in, actually the newspapers may say it’s so bad and it’s been terrible and all that, but the stats don’t show that.  
In fact across the board from house prices, through to economic GDP, through to a whole range of stats that actually show that in fact the economy is quite robust right now, which would be surprising if you just read the newspapers you’d be forgiven for, that’s it, might as well chuck chuck it out the country because it’s gone. Certainly, if you look at the way politicians are behaving, you would definitely think that.  
But actually, the economy is quite robust. So, I think part of it is, the damage. A lot of the damage that will be done, no deal or deal is already done and already factored into the markets. So it’s not a surprise, you know? And I think, therefore, when it does happen or doesn’t happen, at the end of March, we’ll probably all be surprised that life will go on.  
Michael: Yeah.
Brett: I think that’s going to be interesting. We’re seeing lots of investors coming back now and going, you know what? I could see where this is going and I want to get in now. I want to negotiate a better deal because I see if it doesn’t happen, then things are going to continue to go. So, yeah. So Brexit, yeah I mean, and it changes every day, you know? That’s the other thing.



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