May 8

Brexit Update: Will it be a DEAL or NO DEAL?

Too many opinions, not enough solutions.
Video Transcription:
Hey guys, so I just thought I’d give you a brief proper rant. So I thought I’d give you an update on Brexit. And you know, it’s interesting with Brexit. I don’t know what’s gonna happen, and I don’t think anyone does, really. I mean, it’s certainly looking like the Labor and Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May are trying to thrash out a deal.
But it seems to be that they’re doing this not at the behest of their party. And I think that the problem really here is that you just have 50 different people have 50 different views on how things should be done and nobody’s prepared to give way. I
mean, everyone feels like they’re not being held accountable to anyone. So in other words, they’re not worried what their electorate thinks, they’re not worried. They’re more concerned about “How can I get outta this? How can I gain the most politically from this?” and I think that’s one of the unfortunate things for me. Is that it’s kind of, it’s really become, it’s a political football and nobody really wants to hold on to.
May has to, she doesn’t really have a choice. Corbyn has to, doesn’t really have a choice. And really, I think both of them realize that their parties are divided. So they’re not actually one party, there’s a number of different parties and there are not just two sides. There are multiple sides. And there’s a lot of players in the background that are just hanging back, almost waiting for the leftovers to pounce.
It’s almost like they’re hanging back and once they realize that May is dead, Corbyn’s dead, right when they’ll jump in and take over and unfortunately I think that’s what’s gonna happen. Is that May and Corbyn, their reputations and their ability to lead and govern are almost defunct. And I know she’s still got numbers and I know she’s still got that but I really think that they’ve lost the people they serve. And arguably, have they really been serving the people that they’re supposed to serve? I would say that politics has not been that way for a long time and I think that’s the unfortunate thing. And that’s the real victim here, is you and I who vote, you and I who they’re supposed to be representing. And really I think what we’ve lost sight of is, as human beings, we want to live a life free of government intervention and free to do what we need to do.
But what’s happening is more and more the governments are coming into our lives and saying “you can’t do this, you can’t do that”. And I’ve mentioned totalitarianism, it just seems to be, you know read that 1984 book, as I have mentioned a few times now. That’s where we’re heading. And it’s scary that George Orwell wrote something that depicts life unfortunately pretty well. I mean yes, we have freedoms, and yes, we have apparent freedoms. But on the other hand, it’s like the internet has opened up the world to us, but politics is closing it.
And I think, my theory around politics is: politics has been disrupted massively and I think this is the key here. Politics is being disrupted. They have no playbook for this and I think that’s the key here. They don’t have a playbook and with not having a playbook what it actually means is that they’re screwed. They’re making it up as they go along and they’re doing it really poorly. If you’re in an issue that’s being disrupted you need a strong leader to set the direction and stay that course.
And they need to manage their staff and they need to do all that and if they do that they generally are gonna get through. If they’re not they’re going to become more and more caked, defunct and eventually go into liquidation. Well, let’s face it. The government, it might as well be in company voluntary arrangement with where their credit is because they’re borrowing so much money. I mean, the US is the worst of them, by far the worst. Yeah, don’t even start on the US. But anyway, coming back to Brexit.
So what do I think is going to happen to Brexit. I mean, we got until June, so got a little bit of time but nothing really seems to be happening. In order for May and Corbyn to survive, they need to come up with a deal that they will back and get through. And it’ll probably get through by the thinnest of margins but it will get through. The other alternative is that come June 30 that EU will feel a bit antsy and say, “Well, see you later, guys, we’re not extending it. Get out of here.” and we have a no-deal Brexit. Which I don’t think is going to be as bad as many people thought because it’s been… The bad has been. And it has been a slow degradation.
I think that’s one of the keys. So, Brexit, it’s a dog’s breakfast right now and it doesn’t look like it’s gonna get sorted anytime soon. I’m hoping we get a deal, whatever that deal is and it goes through, just so we can get on with the future and get on with working on how we can get lifestyle and real social issues sorted. And some of those social issues are being created by Brexit. The stats don’t work, the stats are absolute rubbish.
The real life’s data here but being touted in the media is the hype and the hyperbole and it’s not right. But anyway, that’s the situation we live in. Right, guys, remember: like, share. I’m coming to you multiple time every week with videos and feel free to comment. I’ll get back to you on the comments as soon as I can. I’m really interested in having conversations, getting your thoughts.
All right, guys, have a great day. Live with passion, see ya.



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