February 17

Coronavirus and its effect on Property Investors

Video Transcription:

So there’s lots of stuff like that, but how does it affect property investors? Now, I’m not going to go through the whole details of Corona. I’m sure you’ve heard it on the news and all that sort of stuff. My concern is this: China is the world’s manufacturing belt right now. Now, sure, some of that has been moved over to Vietnam and a number of other places, but China is still by far the largest there is. Now, luckily for us it happened before Chinese New Year. They put quarantines in before Chinese New Year. Had it been after Chinese New Year I think we would have seen literally potentially millions more because especially if they had gone home and come back, the fact that we got it before, so that was a lucky strike to some degree.
But what it’s also meant is generally it was going to stop. So that’s fine. Generally they get the two weeks off, week off, two weeks off. But now we’re back. The problem is now what we’re finding is car manufacturers. I’ve got made to do Amazon, and this stuff isn’t getting sent. So there’s a lot of delays in the supply pipeline for products and services. Now, what that can mean is that things could slow down. Now if the economy slows down and the Chinese economy slows down in particular, then that will reverberate around the world and potentially could affect America, could affect UK, could affect in Australia and all around. What that means then potentially is that a number of economies which are sort of not doing too well. They’re okay. Could dip into and potentially it could trigger a recession.
So do I think that’s going to happen? At this stage, no. I think we’ve got it. We’ve sort of put a lid on it relatively quickly. Okay? So that hasn’t resulted in too much of an interruption now. Sure, look, there’s no doubt about it. Over 900 people now have died, 40,000 had been infected with it. I’m sure, the fear. I mean, we’ve had one of our staff that we’ve had to put onto a leave of absence. I mean, living in Singapore we have the third largest number of cases with, I think as of today, 45 cases, but it is quite amazing the response that I know the UK is having, and I know the Australia is having, and I know Singapore’s having, and that’s been very good.
So the real challenge is if it gets worse and continues and starts to really affect the Chinese economy because a lot of these shops that are boarded up and that they have not boarded up but closed up. It’s those small retailers and those sort of things which is going to affect and that could really affect… I mean, China’s on tender ropes as it is, I think, with the amount of debt they have. So it probably wouldn’t take much to tip it. For them, it’s not necessarily a recession where GDP is dropping,  it is growth not being met, growth expectations not being met.
So we’ll see what happens, anyway. But I think we may have dodged a bullet, which is good news. So let’s cross fingers, see how we go. I’ll certainly keep you updated from the property perspective, but certainly UK property right now is looking pretty good where there’s lots of demand. It appears that Brexit has now sort of moved off to the side a bit, and people are trading free, which is great news. All right guys, have a great day. Live with passion. Remember, subscribe and comment, and I’ll comment back to you. All right, see you later. Bye.


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