Your Property Rented Within 6 Weeks Or We Pay The Rent Until It Is!

We're so confident that we will let your property within 6 weeks of it becoming vacant that if we don't we'll pay the rent until it is.*Terms & Conditions Apply

Key Points

We've been in this game long enough to give you some level of certainty...

As you can imagine we are taking on considerable risk here, but I really believe that our team can perform on each one of these property guarantees. They are trained in my fundamental principles so well that only a very small portion of clients will need to exercise any of these guarantees.

If you had to choose, why not choose the company that offers you some certainty...

Let's get this relationship started!

We provide you the Realistic Market Starting Rent 

This is the rent we start the marketing at based on the local market, level of competition. 

We monitor the market and incrementally drop the rent based on interest, viewings and offers.

Based on feedback from the market we adjust the rent and incentives to secure your viewings, offers.

We advise you all along the way for the decisions that need to be made to meet the 6 weeks (actually we like aiming for 4 weeks).

Actually, over the past 17 years we have been able to let over 97% of properties within 4 weeks.

Terms & Conditions

  1. 1
  2. 2
    'Let Agreed' means the date a prospective tenant expresses interest in renting the property and the agent we have appointed has confirmed that prospective tenant is taking the property. This is taken to mean the date the potential tenant lodges an application to let and not when they actually move in or complete a tenancy agreement.
  3. 3
    'Ezytrac', 'Gladfish' or 'We' or ‘Us’ refers to 'Gladfish Property Investment Ltd, 'Ezytrac Property Management Limited’, and other companies forming part of the Ezytrac Property Group of companies.
  4. 4
    ‘PCM’ means per calendar month.
  5. 5
    ‘Realistic Market Rent’ means the rent specified by Gladfish in the cash flow worksheet as published on the Gladfish website at the time you reserve your property or where more than 3 months has passed since reservation the rent given at the start of marketing of the property.
  6. 6
    ‘Suitable Tenant’ means any applicant who passes tenant referencing with or without a guarantor and is suitable for Ezytrac's Rent & Legal insurance policy.
  7. 7
    ‘Property’ are references to a property reserved through Gladfish on a buy-to-let basis with a single family household, Assured Shorthold Tenancy.
  8. 8
    The idea of this guarantee is that our due diligence into the location of the property and the development will mean your property has a fantastic chance of being let agreed within 6 weeks of the completion date or within 6 weeks of an existing tenant vacating the property within the first two years following the completion of your purchase of the property.
  9. 9
    6 weeks start date starts from the date we are in receipt of all documentation, and are holding keys.
  10. 10
    In the event flooring is required the guarantee is extended to 6 weeks from the point that furniture is successfully installed.
  11. 11
    'Let Agreed' as referred to above means a tenant expresses interest and the agent says that they have confirmed they are taking the property. This will normally mean the date the potential tenant lodges an application and not when they actually move into the property. This may mean that they move in after the expiry of the 6/8 weeks mentioned above.
  12. 12
    In the event you reject a suitable tenant this guarantee will be void. 
  13. 13
    If any of the 6 Week guarantee period coincides with bank holidays and other public holidays or major extended events such as the Coronation, Olympics or World Cup Football the guarantee is extended to 8 weeks from completion date.
  14. 14
    You must follow our suggested rental values including offering incentives or this guarantee will not apply.
  15. 15
    Gladfish will not guarantee against a potential tenant who does not pass their referencing checks. Agents upon receiving an application stop marketing the property. Referencing can take up to a week or more therefore Ezytrac cannot guarantee that a tenant will pass referencing. In the event an application is rejected or a tenant fails due to referencing coming back unsuitable this guarantee time will reset to the time when the application was rejected. 
  16. 16
    If at any point along the process between the Start Date and your first let you become uncontactable for more than 3 working days without prior warning or you do not return calls within 3 working days guarantee is void.
  17. 17
    Any damage or dilapidations caused by the tenant during the course of their tenancy may affect guarantees at the sole discretion of Ezytrac.
  18. 18
    If required you must provide furnishing through Ezytrac’s furniture packages.
  19. 19
    Where the furniture requires replacement this must be completed or may void your guarantees.
  20. 20
    Where we require it, you will use our chosen Snagging Inspector to deal with snagging items or all guarantees will be void. 

  21. 21
    Valid only on property in the UK.
  22. 22
    Where the property benefits from other insurance policies, private or commercial arrangements to cover void periods these will apply first before these guarantees apply.Where a property is undergoing any form of legal action the guarantee period will either not apply or timings will be adjusted at the sole discretion of Ezytrac.
  23. 23
    If at any time it is felt that you have compromised the ability of the property to let out the guarantees will be void.
  24. 24
    Where we use a local agent you agree not to contact them or all guarantees shall be void. All communication shall be through Ezytrac. You must choose Ezytrac Property Management Ltd's Effortless Gold Tier for a minimum of 2 years after completion of the property.
  25. 25
    Where the Property’s Estimated valuation is over £750,000 guarantee will not apply.
  26. 26
    These guarantees do not affect your statutory rights.
  27. 27
    All Guarantee payments will be either paid you on a monthly basis in arrears only and only after a prospective tenant has entered into a tenancy agreement and moved into the property.
  28. 28
    Property investment presents many risks and Gladfish will not underwrite or guarantee the 'market risk' of property. We cannot predict what will happen with the property's value and market rent within the market over a long period of time.
  29. 29
    Any payments made by Gladfish to you in respect of the guarantees will be limited to and shall not exceed the total of one (1) year's management fee that you have paid to Ezytrac Property.
  30. 30
    Force Majeure event - in the event that the area surrounding your property is impacted from a force majeure event all guarantees shall be suspended indefinitely. This shall be taken as any event that affects the rental potential in any way and shall be at the sole discretion of Ezytrac Property Management. It may include things like earthquake, flood, pandemic, police seizure, riot, war, terrorist threat or action, biological spill or attack, nuclear accident, blackout, brownout, lockdown, violent crime in the area, blockade, rally, and any other event not listed that may affect the rental potential or amount of rent received on the property.
  31. 31
    Guarantees may be withdrawn without notice at any stage. This will not apply to properties that have already under our management.
  32. 32
    Valid on properties new to our management after 01 August 2021 where indicated on the Onboarding Form.


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