February 25

Does my stuff work with DIY and Done for you

Video Transcription:

Hey guys, so does my stuff work with landlords who want it done for you and also the do it yourself landlords and the answer is 100%. See, these principles that I talk about and everything that we talk about here in Property Rants is all about or all based on fundamental principles. They apply to all property, all strategies. Now, yes, you can apply them differently to certain strategies than other strategies. And there may be additional stuff and regulations, but the bottom line is whether you’re doing it yourself or whether you’re choosing a done for you solution where we do everything for you. See and let me explain the done for you because I think this is really important. One of the things we’ve done for you. People think that my attitude around set and forget, and my philosophy around that is that you should set everything up in order to forget about it.

And then they go, “Oh, forget about it. Oh, that’s very dangerous.” And it’s like, no, no, no. Forget about it for periods of two years. It doesn’t mean you neglect, it doesn’t mean you obstruct. It doesn’t mean you totally put to the side. The reality is you are always responsible. Okay. What you are doing as a done for you investor is you’re delegating the task, but not the responsibility. Now, what that implies is this, is that all the way through we’re going to explain to you why we’re doing things and what’s happening. So whatever happens, you know exactly what’s going on and you know the reasons behind the decisions we’re helping you make. Important there. We’re helping you make the decisions. You’re making the decisions. We’re doing the work. Delegate the task to us. Yeah, we’ll do that. But you accept the responsibilities and implied in that is you have to make the decisions.
Whereas the done for you, sorry, the do it yourself investor, they’re doing it all themselves. Now, do we work equally as well with both? Absolutely. And in fact a lot of our investors, they start off with us. They get their first two, three, four, five properties under their belt and then you know what? Then they go, “Brett, awesome. Thanks. Kind of know what I’m doing now.” A lot of them will leave their properties managed with us and they’ll go out and buy another five or 10 or whatever it is. Or they may even introduce another strategy. Something that maybe we don’t help them out with that specific strategy. But what we do is we still help them build their portfolio and manage their portfolio. Because whether you’ve got service apartments, HMOs, buy to let, whatever it is, okay, the portfolio management is what matters the most, not the individual strategy, HMOs, whatever, refurbs, anything like that.
So, absolutely everything, whether it’s done for you or do it yourself, it works really well in the stuff that we talk about. And what you got to realise is you’re talking to someone who’s been doing property now for 25 years. We’ve sold over a billion pounds of property. I’ve renovated property myself, I’ve bought and sold, I’ve developed stuff myself. I’ve refurbed. I’ve done a lot of these strategies. I mean lease options, all these sorts of things which we talk about how a lot of times, a lot of those things actually we were doing in Australia back 20 years ago. The Australian market actually is probably on par now with the … The UK market is now on par with the Australian market. So these things aren’t new, but what you find is a lot of people are new to them.
Certainly in the UK and so what you end up with is people who don’t really know what they’re talking about. They go to various companies and various people who actually are not necessarily there to educate them and help them, even though that maybe the sales pitch. That may be a guise under which they go through. But actually what they’re really doing is they’re selling them a product or service and normally, and that can be a very expensive product or service. That’s the topic for another video to be fair. But whether it’s done for you or whether it’s doing it yourself, we can certainly help you get clarity, get certainty, and really set a direction and a plan for where you want your portfolio to go. And I think that’s really important. And for you, if you’re out there and you haven’t got the time to do this or you’re struggling to really … You might have decided to do it yourself and you’re going to all the seminars and you’re going on to networking meetings and you’re going and you’re thinking, you know what? This is all too hard.
Then have a look at a done for you strategy and speak to the team. Because what you’ll find is actually, a lot of those questions you have and a lot of those concerns you have around taking the first step, we do that on a regular basis and we have investors, I mean, that’s our bread and butter. So have a look at it, but yes 100% we work well either done for you, do it yourself. Doesn’t really matter because the principles apply everywhere. And the principles have been proven over many, many years. I mean, we’ve been doing it for 25 years, so and really we haven’t had to change those principles, even with tax changes and regulation changes and all that sort of stuff that changes the approach somewhat, but not the principles, not the base foundational levels. That hasn’t changed. All right guys have a great day. Live with passion. And remember, if you’ve got questions, put them into the comments. If you want to speak to me, get me to record videos of questions or whatever, then subscribe, comment and I look forward to answering you. Have a great day. Live with passion. See you. Bye.


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