December 14

EICR Deadline Near, Are You Prepared?

EICR Deadline, They Become Mandatory For New Tenancies by 1 April 2021

EICR deadline looms, we are already seeing an average increase of almost 35% in some areas. That’s going to soar as we get closer to the deadline.

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Video Transcription:
So EICRs (Electrical Installation Condition Report) they are mandatory for any new tenancies, but what’s the issue with them that we are facing now as we come up to the deadline of the 1st April 2021.
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Electrical Installation Condition Report: Deadline looms for Landlords. The deadline is 1st April 2021. Now, if you’re putting a new tenant in basically since 1st July 2020, you should have one of these done before you move them in, you’re not allowed to move them in. As of 1 April 2021, existing tenancies must have them as well. Now, here’s the issue that’s why it’s in the news right now. What we are finding is the suppliers we are using, we’ve got properties all around the UK, we probably have 20, 30, 40, 50 suppliers that we use across the UK and what we’re finding is the overwhelming number of them are starting to raise prices for EICRs. I think that is going to start to happen where prices are going to start to rise for these things, because they have PPE, they have to account for lockdowns, they have to account for all this sorts of stuff, tenants not being there when they go. We are starting to see that sort of happening, the other side of it is, and this is what the guys we work with regularly say they are already booked out. So in order to take more bookings they are going to charge more so they can bring in more staff and do that, if they can find the staff because this is the other issue. 
Rob runs our Maintenance Team up at Ezytrac Property Management and he says “We’re already seeing an average increase in price of almost 35% for EICR’s in some areas. That’s only going to soar as we get closer to the deadline. 
That is going to be the next point I’m going to make, thanks Rob. As the deadline looms that 1st April 2021, when all existing tenancies must have these and if you don’t you just don’t want to play that game. Get in early and what we suggest is start getting them done now while you still can. And I think that’s important.   
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