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How To Change Broken Blind Slats

How To Remove And Replace Your Broken Blind Slats

If you have vertical or horizontal blinds in your home or apartment, it's inevitable that at some point a slat will become broken. Whether it's due to wear and tear over time or an accident, broken blind slats can be frustrating. If you have young children or pets, those broken slats could become a safety hazard. 

But don't worry, broken window blinds are easy to remove and replace. As part of your Tenancy agreement, you are required to undertake minor repairs and maintenance to the property and this includes removing and replacing broken blind slats. 

As a tenant, you may think that removing and replacing broken bling slats seems like too big a task but in fact, it only takes a short while. Of course, you can call a contractor to do it but this will likely cost £80 upwards. Below are two videos video and step-by-step guides demonstrating how simple the processes are for removing and replacing window blind slats.

Thanks to for these videos showing how your window blinds can be replaced.

The Two Main Kinds Of Window Blinds: Horizontal And Vertical

There are two main types of blinds—horizontal and vertical—and the process for changing a broken slat will be different depending on which type you have. 

We'll go over both so that you can easily fix your blinds no matter what kind you have.

How to Change Broken Blind Slats in Horizontal Blinds

  1. The first thing you'll need to do is untie the knots of the rail strings at the bottom of your blinds.
  2. Next, pull the strings all the way through to the broken slat. Be sure to do this on both ends of the blinds.
  3. Once the strings are removed, you can then take out the damaged slat and replace it with a new undamaged slat.
  4. To reattach the string, simply thread it back through the slats and the bottom rail. 
  5. Tie off when finished. Repeat on the other end.
  6. Test your repair by opening and closing the blinds to make sure everything is working properly.

How to Change Broken Blind Vanes in Vertical Blinds

Please note that for vertical blinds, the slats are called "vanes". 

  1. To remove and replace vertical blinds, begin by sliding a plastic card between the blind vane and the hook side of the vane carrier. Then pull down.
  2. Then, take a new blind vane and replace it by aligning the vane hole to the hook side of the vane carried. 
  3. Push up to engage the hook and then pull down to make sure that the vane has been hooked into correctly. 
  4. Test your repair by opening and closing the blinds numerous times to ensure everything is secure and functioning properly.

Broken blind slats can be annoying, but they're actually quite easy to fix.  Whether you have horizontal or vertical blinds, simply follow the steps outlined above and you'll have your blinds looking good as new in no time. 

If you find that your repairs have not been successful, please contact us on 01522503717 and we will be able to send out a contractor. However, be sure to do everything you can before calling it in because if the repair needed falls under your responsibility as a tenant then you will be charged for the work. 

Reminder That You May Be Charged - Where our contractor has arranged a time with you to attend and you postpone, cancel, or don't show up or where it is your fault for the appointment not proceeding you will be responsible for paying the call-out charge for the contractor and potentially any restocking fee for parts. Where the fault, issue or damage, is put down to your or other tenants, permitted occupiers, or guests' actions, you will be responsible for paying for the repair. These terms are already part of your Tenancy Agreement.


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