October 29

How to Deal With Recession and Downturn

Video Transcription:
The real important thing here is right now, you are probably looking there, everything seems to be uphill, everything seems to be I’m just going to sit there. I think the most important thing you can do is look at this hill you are facing the challenges and how hard it’s going to be and focus on how hard and you can sit there and procrastinate and not take action. Or you can go you know what I’m just going to put one step in front of the other not rushing, not running up the hill, but just take one step at a time. 
That is the key to a recession and surviving a recession or a downturn or whatever you want to call it. Because when you do look at this and when you do get into this you realise, that actually with each step of the way you can get people to help you and educate you, and you can read about it and experience it and question and do all sorts of things. Actually that is how you get the best amount of certainty, and obviously having the team. If you have any questions write them in the comment box. But you know how are you finding the hump right now? Is it overwhelming you? Is it almost too much and you can’t make a decision? Or are you finding, actually no, it seems to be a clear path through, you know just write in the comments and let’s see how, it would be interesting to see what your feedback is.  


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