October 13

How to Fix a Washing Machine That isn’t Draining Water.

What to Do When Your Washing Machine Won’t Drain

The exact way the washer cleans your clothes depends on the precise settings you choose, but the basic premise is the same: first, the drum fills with water for the wash cycle. After the wash cycle, the drum drains, and the first spin cycle begins. Then, the drum refills to rinse the clothes with clean water. Finally, the machine drains one final time and spins the clothes dry. You may then have a drying cycle.

As a tenant it is your responsibility to keep the pipes and various traps clear of debris and blockages. So it's in your interests to run through these first few steps to ensure that your washing machine drum isn't just blocked.

If you open the lid after the washer stops running to find your clothes swimming in water, something is obviously wrong. The drum won’t drain, that much is certain, but why? To get to the bottom of it, follow these troubleshooting tips before you call in a professional for help.

Have you checked the Instruction manual under Troubleshooting.
It's important to download and check the instruction manual as in particular for blockages these are down to the tenant to fix and if it is found out that you are responsible then the contractor will need to charge you.

Perform a Master Reset

Unplug your washer for about one minute. Then, plug the appliance back in. Open and close the door six times in 12 seconds to tell the computer to reset everything. This may not work on all machines, but it’s an easy fix if yours is compatible with this technique.

Test the Lid Switch Assembly

Top-loading washers will only drain and spin if the lid is securely closed. Therefore, a defective lid switch assembly could be causing the problem.

See if the machine responds when you depress the lid switch with your finger. If this triggers the drum to drain, you may simply need to extend the stem on the lid so it depresses the switch. If nothing happens when you press the lid switch, it may need to be replaced.

See if the Drain Hose is Kinked

Adjust the hose behind the washer to make sure water can easily flow through it. If the hose is kinked, that could stop an otherwise functional machine from draining. This is unlikely to be an issue if you have been in the property for a long time and nothing has changed. 

Clean out the Coin Trap

Some washers have a coin trap designed to catch foreign objects before they flow into the drain. Coin traps usually have a panel designed for easy access. If your washer has one, clean it out and see if the tub will drain now.

Run a Super Hot Washing Cycle

Without any clothes, put the washing machine into a super hot wash cycle to try and clear out any blockages. 

Schedule Washing Machine Repair

If these troubleshooting tips above don’t solve the problem, you could have a broken water pump or drive belt. These components require our team to get your machine working again. So give us a call 01522503717 or www.ezytrac.uk/help


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