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How To Fix No Hot Water In Shower

How to Fix The Hot Water Problem In Your Shower

If you're experiencing weak or lukewarm water from your shower, there's a quick and easy way to troubleshoot it. All you need are two simple tools that you may probably already have around the house: a Phillips screwdriver and a 2.5 mm hex key. 

As part of your Tenancy agreement, you are required to undertake minor repairs and maintenance to the property and this includes checking and fixing your shower. As a tenant, you may think that learning to troubleshoot your shower and fix the hot water problem seems like too big a task but in fact, it only takes a short while. Of course, you can call a contractor to do it but this will likely cost £80 upwards. 

Here is a short video and a general guide that will show how you can fix your shower so you'll get your hot water back:

Fixing Your Shower To Get Your Hot Water Back

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Insert the hex key into the shower tap handle's access hole. Twist anti-clockwise to unlock.
  2. Remove the handle, then pull out the metal sleeve and set it aside.
  3. Unscrew the centre screw using a Phillips screwdriver. Check the screw if its thread is still good.
  4. Remove the rubber o-ring that is protecting and keeping the polymer shower tap control (that’s covering the water cartridge) in place.
  5. Remove the polymer shower tap control valve and the water cartridge and check these for wear. Replace it if needed. 
  6. Then, gently replace the water cartridge and the polymer shower tap control valve back into position, adjusting to the correct markings so it aligns with the tap's hot and cold water direction settings.
  7. Replace the o-ring, then the centre screw, and lock the shower tap handle back into place. 
  8. Test the shower tap to see if the hot water is running correctly now. Be careful so as not to burn yourself when testing. 

Shower Issue Managed: Getting Your Hot Water Back

If your shower or faucet has been putting out weak or lukewarm water, follow these simple steps to fix it quickly and easily. 

All you need are two common household tools, and you'll have hot water again in no time at all. Don't forget to test your tap afterwards to ensure that hot water is running properly before getting in for your shower. 

But if you find that trying to fix your shower has not been successful, please contact us on 01522503717 and we will be able to send out a contractor. However, be sure to do everything you can before calling it in because if the repair needed falls under your responsibility as a tenant then you will be charged for the work. 

Reminder That You May Be Charged - Where our contractor has arranged a time with you to attend and you postpone, cancel, or don't show up or where it is your fault for the appointment not proceeding you will be responsible for paying the call-out charge for the contractor and potentially any restocking fee for parts. Where the fault, issue or damage, is put down to your or other tenants, permitted occupiers, or guests' actions, you will be responsible for paying for the repair. These terms are already part of your Tenancy Agreement.


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