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How To Maintain Good Ventilation Inside Your House

Maintaining Good Ventilation In Your Home

Good ventilation is key to a comfortable and healthy home. It helps to regulate temperature, gets rid of odours and prevents the growth of mould and mildew. Poor ventilation, on the other hand, can cause a build-up of moisture, which can lead to problems such as mould and damp. In addition, poor ventilation can also cause issues with condensation, resulting in peeling paint and wallpaper, and rotting woodwork. 

As part of your Tenancy agreement, you are required to undertake minor repairs and maintenance to the property and this includes maintaining good ventilation in your home. 

As a tenant, you may think that maintaining good ventilation in your home seems like too much trouble but in fact, it is simple and easy to do. Of course, you can call a contractor to do it but this will likely cost £80 upwards. 

The video and the guide below will give you the basic steps for improving indoor air quality and maintaining good home ventilation.

Thanks to for the video on how to clean and remove mould from your home.

How to Maintain Good Ventilation

There are several things you can do to ensure that you have good ventilation in your home:

  • Regularly maintain ventilation and extractor fans to improve airflow and quality. Clean out your extractor fans regularly according to the manufacturer's guidelines.
  • Change the fan filters regularly according to the manufacturer's guidelines. Your bathroom, kitchen, and indoor ventilation and extractor fans have filters and over time these will become clogged with dust and pollutants. Changing them out regularly will help improve your home's indoor air quality and ventilation.
  • Regularly check and maintain your ventilation system and clean out your system's air vents and ducts according to the manufacturer's guidelines. It's not rocket science: all you need to do is check them for dust and grime buildup and clean these out. 
  • Regularly maintain your heating system and replace your air duct filters regularly according to the manufacturer's guidelines. These will require a little more time and elbow grease but can be done quickly and easily---safety first! 
  • Use dehumidifiers to dry out and freshen the bathroom and wash areas. One cause of mould growth is condensation and installing dehumidifiers in your bathrooms will help your extractor fans dry out and remove excess moisture a lot quicker. 
  • Use indoor air purifiers with HEPA filters to help remove contaminants and pollutants from your indoor air. Probably the quickest and easiest way to improve your indoor air quality. Buy or order a unit, wheel it into your home, plug it in and it’s ready to absorb harmful air pollutants and clean your indoor air. 
  • Use ceiling fans to improve airflow and circulation. Not all residential rental units have fans but if you do, turning them on once in tandem with your indoor ventilation and extractor fans can help improve both air quality and circulation. 

The Importance of Good Ventilation

Well-ventilated homes are not only more comfortable but also healthier. By following these tips, you can help ensure the good indoor air quality in your home and avoid any problems that may be caused by poor ventilation. 

But if you find that maintaining your home’s ventilation has not been successful, please contact us on 01522503717 and we will be able to send out a contractor. However, if the repair needed falls under your responsibility as a tenant then you will be charged for the work. 

Reminder That You May Be Charged - Where our contractor has arranged a time with you to attend and you postpone, cancel, or don't show up or where it is your fault for the appointment not proceeding you will be responsible for paying the call-out charge for the contractor and potentially any restocking fee for parts. Where the fault, issue or damage, is put down to your or other tenants, permitted occupiers, or guests' actions, you will be responsible for paying for the repair. These terms are already part of your Tenancy Agreement.


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