April 14

How to Make an Extra £50 to £500 per week! – Personal Finance Rant

This week we look at ways to make more money even with the lockdown in place.
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Video Transcription:
Hey guys so welcome to personal finance rant with Brett and Immanuel tonight we’re gonna cover how to make an extra 50 bucks to 500 bucks per week just for doing things online potentially while you still in lockdown there might be a few things where you gotta get out of the house but yeah so just some ideas we put together you know when we sat down and just sort of like what can we do if
we do online or if we do offline what are some of your options.
In the UK it’s 50 pounds just yeah well do you like $8 yeah I am because I deal in Aussie and the UK a lot of times I say bucks many pounds or dollars you know it’s just my little my little take on it otherwise I end up saying pounds in Australia and Singapore and the confuses people anyway yes 50 bucks 50 pounds and 500 pounds but I think I’m the the I guess so just to frame this and why we think it’s important is it’s all good to be looking at the spending side but there may come a point where you’ve lost your job totally may be benefits and things haven’t kicked in yet and you need to go out there urgently and obviously if we’re in lockdown it’s very hard to get a normal job so what are some of the options that you’ve got that you can actually go up about doing and you know to make that money and fill that gap until potentially you get into another full-time job start another business that you know they lock down stops or whatever so yeah I think it’s really important to understand there is options out there what do you reckon mate yep listen there’s only so many things you can cut back on there’s any so anything you can make savings on but there comes a point when you’ve done all of those things you need to start looking at what money you’re bringing in so today’s about looking at different ways of how you can create some additional income pretty quickly pretty fast from small amounts to you know what I would say quite a considerable amount if you actually able to pop it with time enough into it.
I think some of these will vary from sitting down for an hour it’s guaranteed you get paid X amount through – actually I know people who this is their entire business and this is all they do and then made really really good money but it’s not that’s not something to get to that level there’s not something you’re just gonna do in a week yeah so some of these will take you an hour some of these will take your half an hour some of these will take you potentially you’ll get income in very quickly but others one is if you run a bit off substantial income will take you a bit longer so you know but we’ll talk through some of them.
So I guess some you know really I think the key here is to know where your cash flows are in terms of whatever you’re coming in what if you have going out what’s the shortfall you need to make or what is the goal and I think when you when you plan out like that you can go right I need to make three hundred pounds per month you know or I need to make a hundred pounds per month or it would be good if I could make two hundred pounds per month so I can do this or whatever it was you know so I think setting that goal is really really important what was your thoughts on that might yeah what you said it’s a hundred percent true you have to know what you money you got going out what money needs coming in and what additional income you need to make your lifestyle better so we’re looking at different areas of how you can enhance while you’re in lockdown while you’ve got time on your hands if you’re furloughed worker you are self employed and you can’t work what could you be doing with this time right now to reengineer yourself to earn some additional income on the side keep your mind occupied yourself motivated and propel yourself forward so this that’s what this is about yeah a hundred percent no because actually when you and a lot of these things you look at and you go all that just seems too hard for me I don’t understand computers I don’t understand online internet I don’t understand selling I’ve never sold before but actually a lot of the times when you actually spend the time and you look into it you don’t need to sell a lot of the times you know you’ve got other tools that are doing the sales for you or other tools that are doing the fulfillment other you know so rather discounting any of these it’s worthwhile at least passing across all of them and seeing which ones you think actually will work to achieve the goal.
I think you know I don’t know I mean if we take the first one like affiliate programs now you know what a lot of people go I don’t know about those you know what affiliate programs I’ve got mates that make hundreds of thousands of pounds a year selling other people’s products they don’t even have a product themselves in fact all they are no disrespect to my mates their computer nerds you know that if they had to speak to somebody on a phone they struggle they’re you know they’re social misfits if you like and I mean I sound solitary but they are they are more akin to sitting in front of a computer and yet they’re making hundreds of thousands use selling other people’s products so I guess what you know what what is an affiliate program well it’s where somebody says I’ve created a program some content I’m gonna sell it for this much retail but I’m gonna give you let’s say 50% of the proceeds and so you can use that 50% to go online and market it through websites through I mean a lot of this is already automated and you don’t have to do anything you know have you only much experience with affiliate programs Mate being in the background I’ve been with self development education there’s so much around that this companies offer that actually make it as easy as possible for you they create a link for you all you have to do is market that link share that link and anybody that clicks on that link you get paid so there’s lots of products and services work you know we all have different demographics we all have different social network and contacts so there’s only so many people each company can get to so being get to more people through you they pay you for marketing on their behalf that’s how it works you’re just a marketing agent for them and getting paid for every time somebody clicks for willing to it at the end of the day it’s a win-win scenario the company earned something from a new client you earned something from reducing a new client and more importantly the new client gets the product and the benefit from their company so everybody wins it’s a win win win win scenario and you know a lot of times you don’t need to do any of the fulfilment you don’t need to do you know anything apart from you know to put those links out all around the internet whether that be you know the actual hyperlink or whether that be a lot of times they give you the marketing materials they’ll give you the emails to send out to lists or wherever you got you to know that work for them you know.
So they make it as easy as possible let me put it a different way because most people understand this if you go to a restaurant you go to a theatre you go to a cinema you go on holiday if you enjoy that experience you tell people about it anyway the only difference is you didn’t get paid for sharing that experience the difference for this is you’re getting paid for showing that experience for somewhere else and where you would normally recommend a hotel or a restaurant or a holiday you’re getting paid for each time somebody clicks through your links without recommendation so you’re getting paid for recommending great products and bring the great services and great training yeah 100% and look I per philia programs into Google or whatever you know what there’s hundreds of them gonna show come up so you know can research that you can find something interested in it might be you know in health care it might be in you know wealth creation it might be in property it could mean whole range that there’s affiliate programs everywhere there’s thousands of them you know there’s even affiliate programs if you like comparison sites we can go to you know and and you can sign up to one and get access to a thousand products you know it is such a mature market that side of things you know it’s so easy to do now yes you have to go and you have to set it up and all that so there is some work be behind it you know.
So the next one is sell your skills if you’ve got specific skills on things like up work fiverr.com and those sort of places and you know I mean look whatever skills you’ve got it’s amazing what you can put onto those things and you know people will say yep I’ll pay you and you say it right I want to be twenty bucks an hour or fifteen bucks an hour or whatever it is and you know people pay you to do that could be data entry could be you know Excel work could be creating websites whatever your skill is I use upwork all the time in fiverr.com it’s a great platform it allows you to engage people worldwide any time of the day and produce material very quickly a very will cost so it works I use it for powerpoints I use it for excel I use it for documentation I use it for word use it for people that can help me re-engineer different documents so it’s a great way of selling any kind of service that you think a person might need and if you go on their website and you have a look of all the different products and services that you could potentially and use or put your products and services for I think you’d be quite surprised just how much money you could make from that from applying yourself there.
And I think the amazing thing is from my own business perspective we used to have a marketing team of seven full-time staff and I paid anywhere from probably 25 grand up to sixty grand in that in that team so you know maybe two or three hundred thousand a year I was painting out in wages and tax & all that stuff I converted that entire part from one staff I’ve still got into up work you know and so now I have it’s actually probably more like eight or ten people now because I can Neish a lot better and get really skilled people you know and if you’ve got one of those skills it might be you know writing copy for the website it might be you know whatever it is it could be editing videos it could be you know doing whatever there are so many skills on there it’s incredible so you know there’s a huge opportunity there.
Now you are in a market place with lots and lots of competition you’re competing with other people worldwide but if you’re sitting in the UK a lot of people who had to pay more money for UK you know English speaking English person living than they are for say you know an Indian or a Vietnamese or a you know whatever you know in another country so you know you’ve got an opportunity there you know so that’s a huge opportunity I think yeah.
Touro is an interesting one we’re talking about which I hadn’t actually heard of but I’m so maybe you can cover that mate yeah it’s something that I’ve used quite extensively over the last few years both in the US and now in the UK it’s basically where you can hire a car per day per week and get paid for it so in America I’ll use it quite a lot rather than go to hire companies I take one of these cars and when I actually need to use it but in the UK you can do the same thing now lots of people are at home they don’t need the car they certainly don’t need it every day and you can get paid for somebody to use your car fully insured all done within an app you just click on your register your car becomes available people need it for short journeys they need it for one or two days you get paid for doing so so I think it’s a great way of generating some income especially while your car is sitting at home I think you know one of my companies is actually um it’s right in the sharing economy and it’s you know it’s an education that does a lot of things like consulting on that and this whole sharing economy it is amazing the growth and the potential with that you know I mean you know we talked about uber and we talked about it and you grab we talked about you Touro all these there’s so many opportunities there I mean for this one yeah you’re gonna need a car which you can put into the pool and maybe right now with the lockdown you know it might not be you know you know there might not be a lot of demand but coming out of that potentially there is and you know maybe you’re not using a car as much there will be more demand because fewer people are going to want to have the financial commitment of a car but want to have it every now and again when they actually need it so it’s still cheaper than having a taxi or an uber and it gives you the benefit of a car at the same time and not only the additional cost that goes with it but the maintenance the running cost so this is a growing sector that’s going to keep growing and if you look at what’s happening further down the line there’s gonna be more or more these people going to have less and less car ownership as we go forward so a hundred percent on that at that point less it’s less about owning and more about controlling for a period of time that you needed and an effective that’s what does you know you click on the app and you control that car it’s into wherever you want to go while you have it and then you return it you know once we get the self-driving car as well that’s gonna be massive difference but yeah cool we can talk about it on another video because that’s a something i am really excited on.
The next one before we start I will put the disclaimer all right it’s a quite a dangerous one because unfortunately some people aren’t disciplined and if you’re not disciplined I suggest you don’t go and do this one but a lot of places a lot of betting places will give you the first 20 bucks free yeah so to get you on and get you signed up into an account now some of them you’ve got to be careful they’ll want you to give a hundred bucks and they’ll give you 20 bucks free you know so you need to look around for these but some let me get the first the first bet free and it might be 5 bucks you know a lot of them the five buck ones well you know for the 5 minutes or 3 minutes that it takes to sign up yeah put the three of them three bucks bid on and who knows you might win it might turn into 20 bucks yeah and then on see take that money away I wouldn’t keep betting it that one it’s all about discipline it’s having a game plan going in know exactly what you’re going to do to take advantage of what’s being offered for free so if it means you have
to deposit some money first to get the free amount as long as you don’t have to use the money to obtain and use the free amount that’s being offered that’s a great return so if you’re putting in five pounds or somebody’s giving you pounds that’s a hundred percent
return in minutes and if you do a bet with the money they’ve given you and it wins oh my goodness you take out your original amount and you made some money so this obviously comes with caution but there are ways that you can make money it’s not just on betting there are lots of things that you go and you might go to a supermarket and they give you two for one you buy two you get one free so
there are lots of things that happen where you get things for free I like free stuff you know what they say is if it doesn’t cost anything doesn’t cause much can’t be deer right it’s free Oh can’t be deer so it’s a good way of making your money stretch further.
And to some degree I mean you know there’s obviously cautioning with the betting man and I’m not a big fan of betting myself personally but you can also do the share accounts yeah so a lot of them if you set up a shared account they’ll give you your first share free or your first you know five bucks free or ten bucks or whatever it is so you know sometimes you’ve got a deposit money in there you know maybe one bucks or something but they’ll give you 20 bucks you know so all of a sudden you know you can put that you got 120 bucks you know or they’ll make you buy a share with that 20 bucks so you buy shares with that 20 bucks and then potentially you got a look at the terms in addition sometimes you’re gonna hold the shares you know that but potentially you can get 20% return on your 100 bucks which actually you know over time the other thing is if you’re sitting there and you’re furloughed and you’re not really got a lot to do actually this is an interesting way to upskill your skills on shares, yeah I mean it’s amazing now can do it I mean I show you I ran a half days seminar on the personal finance side internally with my team and you know I showed them that within sort of about five minutes using my phone and revolute which is a card that I had I set up a share account and I was able to buy a share yeah within five minutes it was that quick yeah so I didn’t sell it straight again and I made it I think three three cents or something on the whole trade but that you know but it was example but you know you can do that so yeah.
Another one publish your Kindle book yeah publish your Kindle book or you know an e-book so on Amazon that sort stuff so basically um you know these sort of ones sorry not Kindle what am I thinking audible you know audible sorry audible so you know if you’ve got a book there you’ve got something to say you can write a book you know you can charge a buck two boxes not a huge amount of money but it’s a massive platform whereby you know you put a good title goofing you know and then you give some value and actually it’s amazing how many people will buy that so I just want to add to that so there’s a saying that goes every single person has one book in them yeah because every single one of us has a different level of expertise in a certain area that other people would like to hear about so if you can talk about something that you really good at you’re really passionate about there will be people that will want to hear it see it and pay for it even a small amount of money so every single person has at least one book in them.
And I think the other thing is we’re not talking about I mean you know you got the stick steps upon and freedom of the 3+1 plan which are you know main books you know and now properly publish you know they’re physical books you can grab them you can you know bill that takes a bit more time we’re not necessarily talking about that but then I have 25 books that I’ve read well most of those aren’t actually published books they’d go around publishing it some of those are specific subjects and there might be you know 40 or 50 pages long but somebody who is looking for education on that particular subject and that’s where you want to find a niche yeah it’s amazing how you can put that up and people don’t like I mean I have my books there and people will look up for instance you know how to avoid a scam fraud you know that is a particular subject it’s amazing how many people download that particular book yeah
Sorry something quite funny so one of these seminars at which about writing a book if one of them specifically was about how somebody made a hundred thousand a year by creating a website linking to how do I write a letter to centre that’s all it was it says to send a letter to Santa each and every year and this site is ongoing made one simple idea of how many people do you think about how many people celebrate Christmas how many kids are in the world they found a niche a really clever niche the children can actually write or parents can write on their behalf and they get a letter sent out to Santa each and every year and they get a reply back how amazing is that simple idea yeah you know my one of my mates wrote a book about how to write a resume and then he got it he used to ever be able to advertise on monster.com this is in Australia and I remember going to his house and literally I was there and every probably two or three seconds it was Bing Bing Bing and I’m like what the hell is that noise and he’s like that’s a book sale he said every time that goes off I make three bucks 50 or whatever it was you know and I’m thinking it’s like 10 20 they’re like you know I was there for coffee and all I could hear this bing the whole time, yeah you know I mean it’s amazing what you can do now you know hit set that upright and he was spending money on marketing and doing lots of stuff so he has done his numbers but you know there’s a huge opportunity out there and you know I know some of these may seem like well that seems pretty hard or that seems like a lot of work or I’m against betting you know what there are so many ideas yeah you don’t we’re not saying do all these and we’re not saying if you have a lot of books and you don’t feel confident doing that maybe that’s not for you.
Another one which might be a bit simpler mystery shopper you know you can go online and register as a mystery shopper you know if you’re gonna buy something then and you know to buy it anyway then you can do it as a mystery shopper and then do a review and they’ll pay you money to say to review the purchase, yeah you know so it’s like as simple as that and you can get you know 20 30 40 50 you know pounds for doing that depending on the value of the purchase obviously you know.
One of the other ones that I find and i have not done this in a long time but it was interesting we were just clearing out one of our armed look at a whole room which is just full of stuff I’m having had four kids and you know most of those kids are going through that nine seven five and four now we’re going through all the kid’s toys and we’re like actually you know what we’ve got so much stuff here and none of our friends got kids right now so what do we do well we were saying maybe what we should do is chuck it on gumtree, craigslist whatever and just sell it off you know in the end we are not selling the stuff and  we’re actually just gonna give it away to charity because some of the stuff is really good but it’s been through four kids most of it you know it’s stuff like that you’ve probably got old playing cards you’ve probably got you know who knows Lego you’ve probably got all these things are potentially you could sell and make money from I think the message we’re trying to convey is that it is good tough out there but if you’re resourceful you you become creative there are opportunities there are ways for you to additional bits of income and if you make it fun if you make it a game as I said before this is something that will prepare you to actually start moving forward with all these different areas.
It’s interesting to we just did a process with the kids where you know they have so many toys and we’re just like right pick your top 20 toys you know and the stuff that you just haven’t played with and you’re never going to play with you know-how about we effectively put it in bags and we go and donate it to you know Arlene has some access to various you know underprivileged charities and things like that and so we’re gonna give it we’re going to give it to those I mean I think it’d be fair I think they’re still downstairs but the kids are because we went through the whole process and we involve the kids they had so much fun doing it and actually you know it’s teaching them valuable lessons at the same time I mean it’s not making money but in your case you maybe you know you can sell it you know and make money that’s the problem but yeah.
Surveys I’ll let you I deal with those for quite some time it’s I get asked to do surveys on a regular basis but basically the different businesses but I have I get these surveys on a regular basis and they can vary anything from 40 pounds to 300 pounds so often online I have to you know at the moment can’t going to do the survey so they do them online you get the same thing it’s actually quicker less transport and if you register for as many different surveys that you can based on the products and services that you use and the business that you’re in you’ll be surprised one or two of these are going to start dropping in every month for you to do anywhere from 40 to 100 pounds and they’re fun to do they really are a lot of fun to do you get to learn about other products and services you get to learn what other companies are planning to do in the future that might give you the heads up and what you should be doing for the future as well so that’s one of the great things so surveys are amazing lots of different surveys you can do from survey monkeys when people ask you information or to do product proper products and services for big companies Volkswagens rolls-Royce verging ba any sort of the company you name it they’re going to have surveys that want to have market research from your customer experience what do you think about their new products and services it’s thinking about brings the market so yeah it’s a great one to do.
Yeah and I mean you mentioned to that about the focus groups to which you know is another aspect of the surveys of who we go in and the last few questions and they’ll you know to check your demographics and your site graphics and all that sort stuff but it’s interesting with that one when it Manuel said this one now I was kind of like you know yeah that’s not me I’m not one of those guys and I can sit there and do surveys it just I won’t say shits me to tears but it does.
The next one which is something I’m really interested in you know I’ve always been a wheeler dealer you know ever you know my father was like that I grew up you know learning that’s for stuff but you know buying something on say eBay and then or maybe at a car boot sale and then selling it on gumtree or kegs lists or on Amazon you know a huge opportunity you know because yeah a lot of those things well it might be the stuff that was in my cupboard but I’m putting on to eBay just to get rid of it you know and I’m willing to take three bucks for something that I can resell or for you know 20 bucks you know because a lot of people you know it may be it may retail at 40 bucks I’ve forgotten how much I paid for it you know I’m just trying to get rid of it you know so there’s a huge opportunity there you know I think it’s interesting I watch Gary Vee you know very successful business been very successful in the social media one of things he does every Saturday you know he does car boot Saturdays or whatever Saturdays we do surveys he only takes his kids along and he does deals and he resells them and you know there’s so many ways to make money like that yeah the challenge sorry he also talks about doing what we call arbitrage you look at eBay you look at Amazon for the same product if there’s a
price sequence between the two you buy from one and so on the other or vice versa clever concept you know there are different price disparities you know if you walk down the corner shop between as the Tesco’s there’s always a price difference between all these different products and services buy it cheaper so it a little bit higher yeah
You know what got you know I’ve got mates that do they do I’m in the next level up which is going to China I’ll go to Le Barbara and things like that and they’ll buy bulk they’ll import it and then they’ll go round some retail places and sell it off you know so I’ve got that you know I’ve got in fact one of mine my best mates he actually goes he teaches people on Amazon how to do the whole process from China send to the US market in Amazon it had a market on Amazon you know I mean is huge that’s a huge marketplace you know so there’s this massive opportunity that you can do I mean.
Another thing is you know get a part-time job you know whether it be delivering pizzas stacking shelves you know whatever it is to bring some extra cash in you know it might be working in McDonald’s you know there are huge things I mean when I was a kid now I think from the time I was like I think we had to be fifteen before we can start working but you know from 15 on I always had two or three jobs on the go whether it be Sunday working in the food store whether it be you know working McDonald’s B Brewster you know all that stuff because for me you know having that multiple streams of income meant that I could work enough to actually have quite a good lifestyle even at that age you know and it meant mum and dad I didn’t have to I mean I had a bike so I was able to ride my bike Australia was safe enough to do that you know and I loved it because of the fitness element to you you know so that that’s sort of getting a part-time job you know just physical you know a full-time job is furloughed you know go out there there’s plenty of opportunities you know there’s definitely opportunities and you know the more creative you become the more you will actually start seeing I mean your brain works around things that were important to you so you start putting yourself asking the questions things upcoming shoot on a regular basis this reminds me when I grew up with my parents both my parents had you know multiple jobs to try and make ends meet we’re just going around full circle moment now it’s creating this ability to think war just expand your thought process of where are the opportunities what else can I do they’re going to be people that can’t get out their houses what can you do to actually help them no uber drivers of just picking up shopping and taking stuff without anybody in their cars people are becoming more creative of how they can earn money it’s called the hustle you know you got to start hustling out whoever got a hustle where can I do what can I offer what product services what value can I add right now to help other people supermarkets want you to stop this super monkeys 24/7 so no need you get a job but if you’re doing the heavy stuff you’re getting a workout at the same time which is you know what we talked about earlier you get two for the price of one, yeah and
Even though you know you watch on the news like Amazon I’m not sure if this is UK US but they basically say they need twelve thousand new people working in their bed fulfilment stuff because obviously everyone’s furloughed people ordering more online and so they need people to deliver that stuff you know they need people to pack that stuff you know so you know massive opportunity there you know so you can listen to those things ago you know what maybe I go on to the Amazon website or track down you know where that recruitment is and I go get a job yeah I mean the amazing about Amazon is they’ve got warehouse space all around the UK you know where they’re you know packing and sending stuff out you know because they’re obviously where they’re going to is having this you know drone delivery and our you know under an hour delivery those sort of things so they’ve got a huge amount of warehouse space which is potentially drop opportunities I know a lot of it is automated but there’s still plenty of jobs – humans – yeah they’re offering some really great rates right now you know in addition to what they pay you which is around about 130 pounds a day after all costs you’re actually providing the service to the community you’re helping people that can’t go out you’re delivering it to them you don’t even have to go into the house you literally at the door everything’s done you know social distancing right now getting paid you’ll get out in the sunshine as it is right now but you’ll you’ll you’re getting fit you’re going from one place to another you’re getting out and you’re offering the real service and getting paid for it so there are many opportunities like that and again what we’re trying to do is create the ability piece start thinking outside of the box and say where else can I offer my products my service my knowledge my my intellect and get paid for that yeah
And you know depending on how much you’ve got to replace the income you might have to replace all the target you’ve got the goal you’ve got you know it depends on what you might have to do it maybe you just do a couple of you know three or four surveys a week you know and they get you your extra fifty bucks which is drinking money for when the pub’s open again you know or it might be something more substantial like a part-time job where your work you know three nights a week and and that gets you enough to do what you need to do to save up for that holiday maybe or you know whatever that goal is if you set the goal upfront you then work out what you need to do it and then work out whether it’s got to be something that is more of a short-term thing like maybe surveys or something more substantial we think you know what no I want to become a delivery driver because I actually want to get out of the career I’m in and I like the freedom of being able to work when I want as a you know other driver or whatever you know um you know whatever matches you you know this and mind you you know we could go on all night there’s there’s hundreds of ideas.
You know and if you’re not sure type into Google how to make money you know quickly or how to make more money or how-to and 100 bucks your income I mean there’s so many articles about so many ideas you know you can jump on and a lot of them have links to websites where you can go and register to do this so you can you know do those sort of things like the surveys or whatever you know it’s actually out there what was gonna add if somebody’s come up or found a really great way to earn some additional income quickly maybe they can share it in the comments below will pick it up and do our own research and it and give that information back to people some more people can benefit from what they’re found yeah hundred per cent
You know I think you know you’ve just got to get creative you’ve got to make the decision that you know what I mean I think that the problem is if you and this goes going forward now if at any stage in your career, yeah you know s it’s the fan then you need to pivot you need to think about what’s my you know the second option what’s my game plan from here what’s my exit strategy and that may mean you’ve got to pivot and do something totally different you’ve got to get creative you’ve gotta find a solution because you know don’t rely on the government I mean this time with the UK government, you know furloughing and the next stimulus package they’ve done. Fantastic you know response but don’t rely on that and on what I would say is they’re being great for doing that but don’t become dependent upon it you know yeah you’re relying totally on that then you need to get out and do some of these things yeah I think it’s really important this is shown that you can’t really rely on one source of income-you gotta have multiple sources of income and we’re going to talk about this sort of future sort of talk that we have but having multiple streams of income is going to be really important going forward this is just showing that if you have one source of income-you’re in a very precarious position so you want to have as many of these possible so if anyone of them isn’t working at a time you’ve got two or three others that bring in income at the same time.
But I would say this too just to qualify that that um that doesn’t mean that if you’re starting out from scratch right now you should do ten different things what I would say is if you’re starting out from scratch focus on one thing get that stream of income working secure and then look to add another and then potentially look another and you know what you can do to I mean like in my own situation I’ve got a sales business that starts at zero every month yeah but I’ve got another business which every month starts at whatever it starts at a couple hundred thousand or whatever it is because you know that in order the money is already there and I know in the first month the monies are you know so I have different streams of income and then I have not only that I have money from Australia I have money from the UK money from Singapore so I’ve got different geographic so if UK is in recession then I could look to my Australian to supplement it you know or my Singapore to supplement it and hopefully the whole world doesn’t go into recession and yeah but that’s when you and you know understand I’ve been doing that and I’ve built that up over the last 15 -16 years now so don’t think that because I say that you know no manuals in the same situation where you got multiple streams of income – you know we’ve also got property portfolios and things like that that doesn’t happen overnight and you know what I didn’t start suppressing my property management business until probably five years into my sales business you know and you know so that’s what you got to be really careful you don’t want to just focus on everything you know because what you’ll get is nothing you want to focus on one get that right then you’re built in next then he builds the next today have given you some you know some got the creative juices flowing so yeah.
So I mean to think that’s it for me what about you mate yeah that’s it for me hope you have a great weekend it’s a long weekend so hope you enjoy I hope the sun’s good you refresh your batteries and I’ll catch you next week yeah and so I guys next week on Tuesdays 1 we were actually covering how to split up your income to best effectively save invest and live you know we’re gonna look at the ratios that you can use and how successful people some suggest we will talk about it, ok so we’re talking about Immanuel’s wealth will you know my ratios of life you know and then we’ll talk about Jim Rowan’s T Harv Eker a number of different people and how they suggest you break up your income to be successful financially so I think they’ll be really good all right we’ll see you on Tuesday ok cool.


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