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How to Reset a Boiler Pilot Light That Has Gone Out

If your heating isn't working, it may be the pilot light on your boiler has gone out and you will have to reset it. In some cases, resetting your boiler might be all it takes to get it back up and running. However, the more likely case is that your boiler has shut down due to an underlying fault, or unsuitable conditions. In this article, we will go over why your boiler isn't working, how to resolve it, and how to reset the pilot light of your Boiler.

Please note - not every home has a boiler inside the actual property. Many newer apartments now have centralised heating units and so this article would not apply. 

When to Reset Your Boiler

If your boiler isn't working then you will notice that your heating won’t heat, and (if you use your boiler for hot water) your water doesn’t heat up. When you look at your boiler, you may notice the boiler light flashing, or a fault code is displayed on the screen. You could see your boiler light flashing green, or red.

If you notice these signs, then you will have to reset your boiler and check if there are any underlying faults.

Common Reasons Boilers Stop Working

There are many potential faults that could have caused your boiler to stop working. If you have a modern boiler, it is likely that your boiler will display a fault code when it goes into lockout. If you want to look up what a code means, then you should look through your boilers manual. The manual will contain the information regarding which fault each code represents.

If you cannot find the manual then you can find it online using a Google search for the make and model and add "User manual". In most cases following this will resolve your issues. 

If this doesn't fix it then it may be one of the common faults include:

  • Extreme pressure
  • Faulty thermostat
  • Faulty pump
  • Leaking system
  • Blocked plate heat exchanger
  • Miscellaneous components old or worn-out
  • A build-up of residues in the pipes

It's obvious we know but is the Power Out to your property?
Aside from faults with the boiler or heating system, another possibly overlooked reason you might need to reset your boiler now and again could be due to a power cut. A power cut will cause every device in your home, that relies on electricity, to turn off or reset. If this has happened, then once the power is back on, all you have to do is reset your boiler.

How to Reset your Boiler

You may find that you have to reset your boiler now and again, but if your boiler constantly needs resetting, then it is very likely that there is some kind of fault with your heating system. Boiler faults can often lead to more serious issues the longer they are left, and you might even end up with your boiler breaking down. For this reason, it’s important to try to resolve your boiler problems as soon as they arise.

Is your Boiler Locked out?

You may have come across the error “lockout” on you boiler. A boiler lockout will occur when there is a fault or a safety issue within the system. This means that your boiler will switch off, preventing a dangerous situation if there is a serious fault. 

Simple Steps to Reset Your Boiler

  1. Refer to your boiler manual

You should check your boilers manual, as it should tell you exactly where your reset button is located on your boiler. It should also have instructions on how to perform a reset, specifically for your model and make. The reset button normally has a flame or a cross on it, and should be clearly labelled “reset”.

In many rental properties the manuals are kept in the bottom draw of the kitchen or it could be on top of the boiler. 

  1. Push the reset button for 10 seconds

Generally, you push the reset button and hold it down for 10 seconds. Do this only once. Wait for 2-3 minutes, as the boiler may be starting up. This wait is important it does in fact take some time in many boilers. So instant gratification isn't always possible, 1 to 2 mins. If the reset has been successful, then the flame will ignite in the boiler. The flashing light should also become a steady light, and the error code on the display may even no longer be present.

Remember even with the boiler lite it may take a couple off hours to warm up the water or heating. It's not necessarily instantaneous. Give it a couple of hours and consider that if you have a timer the heating process may stop so you will need to make sure the heating and/or water it on.

  1. Repeat x2

If your boiler doesn’t restart, then you can repeat step 2 twice more waiting at least 2mins between tries. DO NOT repeatedly press the reset button, as this can damage the control panel, which would lead to a costly repair.

  1. Call our Maintenance Team 015522503717

If you have tried to reset the boiler three times, and it still hasn’t restarted, then you probably have a fault with the boiler. You should call the Maintenance team in to diagnose and repair the underlying fault. It’s extremely important not to ignore faults with your boiler, as they often become more serious the longer they are left.

Ideally when you call or email the team take a photo of the error code and make and model of the Boiler so we can provide the right contractor/parts/ or instructions.

If you have to reset your boiler regularly, then you should call our Maintenance team to assess what could be wrong, and the best course of action for you.


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