December 19

How to stop condensation happening at your property.

Condensation is a common problem in many homes, and it can be harmful to both your health and the health of your home. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to help manage condensation and prevent it from becoming a problem.

Before we get into these it's important to understand that the large majority of cases it is the residents that are responsible for the condensation (and if left unchecked Mould) so it's vital that you consider the following root causes.

Condensation can happen in a property for a number of reasons, including:
1. The level of moisture in the air. Breathing, cooking and general lifestyle believe it or not are the main causes of moisture in the air.
2. The temperature of the air in your home. It's actually often better to keep the temp a little lower than you might think.
3. The surface temperature of the windows. This is where double glazing plays a bit part.
4. Improperly fitted washing machines.
5. Flued gas heaters.
6. Kitchens and bathrooms producing a lot of steam and moisture.
7. Burning gas, which always produces water vapour.
8. Not enough fresh air circulating in the room. This is key, you should open up and allow the air to escape at least once a day no matter how cold it is.
9. Tiny cracks in the walls of the home, which allow water to filter through.
10. Damp weather.
11. Sealing the house too tightly so that it never gets a breath of fresh air. Again open your windows daily.

Once you’ve identified the causes of condensation in your home, you can take action to remedy the problem. This includes always closing doors on the rooms that generate steam, getting better ventilation, using lids on pots when cooking, using a steam iron in a room with an extractor fan, swapping your extractor fan for a heat exchanger version, hanging your washing outside, increasing the spin cycle speed on the washing machine, using only a tumble dryer that extracts to the outside, adding secondary glazing or triple glazing, and not sealing the house so tightly that it never gets a breath of fresh air.

By taking these steps, you can help keep your home healthy and condensation-free and you are less likely to have mould begin growing.



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