November 26

How will Vaccine Affect Property Investors

Property Investors And Their Take On Covid Vaccine

Property investors can they get security once Covid19 vaccine comes out? How does the vaccine affect property investors in the UK?
Video Transcription:
Covid vaccines you know nearly 2 trillion traded on the news of covid vaccines
The interesting thing is we’re talking about one company you know which was Pfizer so they basically are a well-known company and yeah that’s great. But you know Singapore has a vaccine as well they reckon it’ll be early 2021 it’ll be out you know and the government’s committed to 300 million bucks. The UK’s got their one with Oxford University I think it is but I just said you know how many vaccines are being tested 154 in pre-clinical trials, 21 in phase 1, 12 in phase 2 and 11 in phase 3. It’s a race to see who gets the first one out. But the first one in this case won’t just be the winner because the the challenge is you’ve got to get it out and they’re going to mass produce it and the thing is at the same time you’re mass producing somebody else is going to come with their vaccine and then of course they’re going to mass produce it. It’s you know it’s a race it’s a sprint and certainly you know you’re getting the good thing. To be fair there’s a lot of options even if that one doesn’t work there’s another one. 
I think that’s you know for me this is good news, yes we got it out before Christmas and you know as Trump said it was him that did this and it was their project, I can’t remember the name of the project but it wasn’t because apparently Pfizer didn’t take any money and from the government. Anyway that’s neither here nor there.
The light at the end of the tunnel and that’s the undertaking it might be a train no I think it is a light you know Australian open aborting to Asia as it recalls third day without local covert 19 cases. Singapore’s pretty much sorry Singapore has pretty much got to the point where it doesn’t have cases you know every day now China is the same New Zealand is the same you’re starting to get a lot of the south pacific places Asia Pacific sorry that are now pretty much clear. I think that’s really good I think that’s for me that actually shows that we do have a path out of here. and i think that above all else that will you know that will really work well for us. I think one of the things this whole game is that you know if we can do it in Asia Pacific then hopefully Europe sees how it’s done and gets out of it. The US sees how that you know Africa you know and they can we can all get out of it and we can be putting this behind us quick smart. It has happened pretty quickly to be fair you know so a lot quicker than a lot of people sort of thought but it just shows. 
I mean we’ve always said this you know and as a human race you know we’ve always been able to win when the chips are on the table you know chips are down we come out with a solution we get that done you. It’s a shame that we don’t deal with some of the other problems you know like world hunger and water. You know all that stuff in the same way. I think that there’s some corporate interests there that maybe are prohibiting it from happening in that same way. That’s just my opinion. Look guys so I think you know overall it’s been a bloody good week you know you can’t really sit there and say you know i mean everything points towards good things.

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