October 27

Is Your Job Really Safe in the Future?

Video Transcription:
It’s either being a massive change disrupted,  you’ve got to look and say well hold on a sec if it’s been a massive change interrupted am I going to have my job in the future? And if you’re not then you need to consider what happens if I’m unemployed what happens if I lose my job. Maybe I need to start retraining, maybe I need to pivot my industry so you know this industry is not doing or has no future i’ll jump to this industry or possibly if you’re sitting there and you go either (A) well no we’re not getting disrupted we’re fine everything’s the same as it was. And if you’re telling yourself that then I suggest you go and quickly work out. Because your industry is getting interrupted your industry is getting you know changed and there is IT and there is technology and there is AI and taking over all that sort of stuff. 
I think if you aren’t aware of that if you’re not you know looking at that then you may get a big surprise where someone goes hey we’re making redundancies see you later get another job and you haven’t transferred over. It’s really important that you now start looking yeah not in because this is not happening in 20 years time you know this is happening in the next 5 years the next 10 years it’s already happening.
Look at you know people aren’t talking about London’s tech hub you know even though for the last 10 years that’s what’s been happening. Almost under the covers of darkness you know no it’s it’s been happening and people have been aware of it but most people like oh but the financial you know the banks are leaving and Brexit it’s like crap you know there is so much good stuff happening. In certain areas there is great stuff happening that means the fundamentals you know will be maintained and so therefore you know it’s worth investing in but what i’d say is if there’s nothing happening don’t invest there. Because guess what as the kids grow up guess where they go the cities now I know a lot of people are saying coronavirus is going to mean that no they’re going to want to go out no that’s a short-term thing and yes there will be a percentage but it’s not going to be a huge percentage.


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