April 12

Landlord update 25/01/2012

In the not too distant future I will be organising for all the files for the all the properties that we have to be checked for electrical safety certificates, now this is not a legal requirement but should the worst happen and one your tenants is harmed during an electrical incident, you as the landlord must be able to prove that you have taken all steps necessary to ensure that your property is safe to inhabit and what better way than a full electrical check! If your property is new then Ezytrac should have a copy of one and we will endeavour to source this if we have not already been sent it by the builders, however if we do not have one and you would be fine with one being organised then please do let me know and I can start the ball rolling over the next month or so. If you are not happy for this work to take place then that is obviously fine and I will update our records accordingly.
Also if you have any electrical appliances that are not hardwired in the property then you will be liable for a yearly PAT’s test to ensure that the appliance is safe to use – these can cost as little as £5 per appliance – this is a legal requirement.


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