March 7

Landlord Update on the move to our new software


Hey guys,

Just wanted to update you on the present situation with the software move. The actual business processes side was a great success. We have 3.4 Terabytes of data to upload manually so that is taking a long time as it needs to be attached to the right place. This will take another 3 months we think but will mean a massive pool of information for our landlords, much more than they have ever had. 

The Frustrating News...
So onto the finance side of things... it was a bit of a disaster from the finance perspective and for those that didn't receive rent on the day, didn't get clear statements or where source documents were missing, or where we were unable to come back to you immediately, apologies.

What Went Wrong
We had originally planned and implemented the Quickbooks integration only to find out after we went live that it didn't work, had numerous bugs and couldn't cope with the volume of data we had moving on a daily basis. So we took the decision to drop it and pivot immediately, effectively undoing all the months of financial planning and implementation we had done.

This caused a huge amount of additional work, the team have literally been working day and night including weekends and we've hired 3 additional staff full time to work on it.

We Are Back On Track
Thankfully we are now caught up and focussing on the automation and growth of the system.

So apologies, as clearly in addition to the technical issues, we dropped the ball on communicating with many of you. No excuses we should have done better and that's on me as Group MD. So I apologise unreservedly.

The Good News
Anyways moving on, the good news is that the system is a lot more transparent, easier to use, and makes things so much better for all parties. As we add more and more data to the system (that we either already have or will capture or link into the system it will give us better intelligence and more automated responses leaving us more time to focus on the human side of the business whilst staying on top of the mounting regulations.

You can check out the Landlord training that I have setup here.

Live with passion (and no more software moves),



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