Provision For Bills Service

We act as your local address and arrange to pay bills out of the rent received. 

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Effortless Bill Payment

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No late charges

Let our team make the payments on time every time. 

Pay from rent or Top Up to Pay

Depending on the amount of the bill you may need to top up but usually we'll personalise a plan based on your bills.

Bills Sent to our Address

You don't even have to handle the mail, our team will receive it, scan it and pay it. 

Step 1

You instruct your provider to use our address for bills and communication. 

Step 2

When we receive a Bill we will arrange payment out of the rent or contact you to remit money to us. 

Step 3

All the bills are then part of your statements so no need to run separate books for the bills. 

Terms & Conditions

Please see that terms and conditions of this service. More and more these days Local Councils, Block Managers, Utility companies, freeholders are taking radical actions including court actions against Landlords so the risks are higher than ever before. So whilst we endeavour to pay your bills on time, every time we cannot be held responsible for something that is outside of our control. 

  1. 1
    New Build and Recently completed properties - You will provide us the correct details of the service providers you wish to have us pay on your behalf. In many cases it may take up to 3 years for the Managing Agents to be identified and where a managing agent changes over we may not be told of the new agent and the bills may be sent to the property.We will not be held responsible for this
  2. 2
    You will complete an authority form for each of the services that you require to be paid on your behalf. 
  3. 3
    You give authority for us to communicate and arrange payment. 
  4. 4
    You authorise us to use the rent to pay any bill that is demanded and where there is a shortfall we will contact you to remit the required shortfall to use so that we can pay in a timely manner. 
  5. 5
    Where there is a dispute you will notify us of this dispute and the action you wish to take. Should we make a payment prior to being told of any dispute we will not be responsible for the outcome. 
  6. 6
    You will be responsible for instructing each of the service providers with our Name, Address, Contact details and authority to chat with them. 
  7. 7
     It is your responsibility to ensure you are on the Electoral Roll so that should any court action be launched against you, you will be notified of this and be able to defend it. We are not responsible for cases whereby action is launched against you and the notifications are sent to the property address and we do not receive the notifications.  
  8. 8
    In the case you are serving notice or off boarding a property we will not longer pay your bills for you. This means that you need to inform your service providers and change the address. We will continue to pass any bills received during the off boarding period but once off boarded we will no longer accept responsibility for forwarding bills/mail that arrive after this date. 
  9. 9
    Where you have received a Court Order, Judgement we will assist by providing a Court Bundle with evidence we have to help you or your solicitors in any application to set aside the judgement. 
  10. 10
    Where you have received Late fees for non-payment of a bill we will assist by trying to have these removed or negotiate a payment plan. However we cannot guarantee this will be successful. 
  11. 11
    Where late fees are levied and it is found that you either did not have funds available to pay or did not remit funds in time for bill to be paid you will be responsible for any late fees, court fees. In addition you will also need to pay for our time to arrange bringing the bills into good standing. 
  12. 12
    You authorise us to pass your personal data to service providers in the setting up and maintaining of the good standing of bills. 
  13. 13
    Our team is not responsible for reading, providing advice on the contents of bills, except for bills were we directly provided the service/product.  
  14. 14
    We will arrange payment of bills on the due date, should funds not be available on this date we will contact you to remit funds. We will not be responsible for any late fees, court fees that may be levied. 
  15. 15
    We will provide a copy of the Invoice for all bills which will be attached each statement we provide. Statements are sent after each payment and/or where no payment has been made around the last Thursday of the month.  

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