How to use Ezytrac's Landlord Portal

The Landlord portal will give you access to some of your property information along with your statements! To use the portal, you will receive an email from us prompting you to set up your own password and security questions. Within the email you will also be assigned a username which you’ll use to log into your portal.

IMPORTANT NOTE - The software provider, AgentOS has made it difficult to reset your password. You must request a reset manually from us, then we will send you an email which is valid for 24 hours. If you do not reset within 24 hours you will need to restart the process. 

Next you need to choose a password that has Capitals, Numbers, Special Characters, and at least 8 digits. You cannot use a previous password. The system doesn't tell you this, so you need to know it.  

Once you have signed in, you will see the following:-

The list for your properties will include information on the properties that the agent manages for you. If you click on the property directly, you will then be able to download information such as your property certificates.

Account – This provides you with a history of any of your previous statements, maintenance invoices, a profit and loss report and also a self-assessment tax report – all of which is downloadable in one click!

Arrears – This will show you information on any of your tenants who are in arrears for rent along with a history of when the agency have tried to chase the tenant for their rent via email, SMS or post.

Maintenance – This will include an overview of any maintenance work carried out at one of your properties!

 Add Property Listing - Toward the very bottom of the portal, you will see that you can add a property as well:-

You will be instructed to enter the relevant information in relation to the property and the submit!