Provision For Bills Service

Avoid the surprise of a large bill by spreading the cost over each month. 

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Step 1

Sign Up Below and decide which bills and how much you need to provide. 

Step 2

We deduct the calculated amount from your rent. it stays as part of your Float in our client account until paid. You always have access to your money if needed.

Step 3

When the bill comes in we pay it for you from either rent or a Top Up. avoiding late charges and making sure your cash flow is normalised across each month

How Does It Work?

Never have to worry about a big bill coming in again. Using our Provisioning System you'll always have the money you need when you need it. 

per annum

Annual Service Charge Bill


Period of Provision

per month

Amount set aside from rent each month.

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Effortless Bill Payment

No need to worry about paying...We Do it All!

Just another way to achieve effortless property investment.

No late charges

Let our team make the payments on time every time. 

Pay from rent or Top Up to Pay

Depending on the amount of the bill you may need to top up but usually we'll personalise a plan based on your bills.

Bills Sent to our Address

You don't even have to handle the mail, our team will receive it, scan it and pay it. 

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