November 25

London Property Investment You’re about To Hear a lot More

London Property Investment Is Making A Come Back

London Property Investment is as attractive as ever you’re going to start hearing a lot more now about London.
Video Transcription:
London Property Investment is coming back, make no mistake we’ve seen it before. I’ve seen this set you know twice before I’ve seen it. London Property Investment is coming back.
Exclusive new figures predict 20% growth beyond Coronavirus and Brexit to you know 2025 you know 20%, which you know look I think that’ll probably be about right. I think London has the best fundamentals and then it ripples out from that. It’s right that we’re already seeing London start to trigger and then the ripple effect will take out.
It is interesting we’re not so much looking in Central London for our investors but we are now going outside Zone 3,4,5 but also to those Commuter Towns. So you’re gonna start to see a lot more property coming in you know in Eastern sorry Western suburbs. West London, Commuter Towns you know West of London Commuter Towns I should say you know and also North of London you know because those are the areas where money’s getting you know put into, huge money so you know you’re going to see that and that ripple effect will effect out. That’s the same with Manchester,  it may not be the city centre where you’re investing but it may be slightly out. Along those transport links and those fundamentals and I think that’s you know that’s that’s really important.
The average price in London Property Investment has gone up by 17,000 since May, that’s not bad if you consider that most people are saying how bad rents have been in London and they’ve been going down and there’s all these horror stories. I mean we haven’t really had the horror stories, we’ve had rent drops you know and yes because there’s a lot of airbnb and there’s a lot of service apartments that have come back onto the long-term market. So that was a dump of supply and obviously the demand was lower so therefore you know it took some time and therefore the rents dropped. It’s a classic supply and demand.
The other side of it which I thought was interesting is you know renters aren’t quitting you know after all says Zoopla. Obviously there’s yeah much hyped exodus from you know from London, people saying you know oh everyone’s leaving everyone’s going to buy you know the race for space and all this sort of stuff and you know i’ve been critical of it for a lot of times there’s certainly people doing that but that doesn’t mean that everyone’s going to leave. I saw one thing that 1.2 people have already left London and it’s like okay fair enough but a lot of those have probably gone back to their parents places, it’s not a case of that all of a sudden London Property Investment is going to be dead.
London Property Investment is far too robust for this. It’s seen this many times before and it will continue to see more. I think really you know it’s all great for the headlines but you’ve got to read beyond the headlines and when you look at this London Property Investment still has the fundamentals and a second lockdown has slowed things down again. There’s people in the streets who don’t want to wear masks and things like that you know that’s I mean that’s their choice I guess is it their choice or is it whatever anymore I’m not going to get into that politics.
I think what will happen is yes fundamentally our work patterns will change. So it’ll be a blend of work from home and work from the office. It won’t be this everyone’s going to work from home you know in fact most of our staff don’t want to work from home. Do they want the option of being able to? yeah and that’s where the blend comes in and I think that’s where the blend comes in and this exodus that people talk about the exodus is more going to be around the fact that people want to move to areas where those areas have a local community. So don’t think that just because you go find somewhere cheap that’s a crappy area with no fundamentals, no transport anything like that that you’re going to be on a winner because you got in before everyone else moved there they’re not going to move there. They’re going to move to where the best fundamentals are. This is what happens every single time.

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