September 25

Maintenance email to all tenants summer 2012

Following quite a few phone calls recently there seem to be quite a few things being reported as maintenance issues but are things that a tenant should be doing:

ie: cleaning windows and changing light bulbs – these are simple proceedures but I have included some internet links for other items that might not be quite so simple:

Bleeding radiators:
How re presurise your boiler
Smelling/blocked washer
Blocked drains

During the winter months please would you leave your heating on low and occasional if you are away to prevent pipes freexing up – if this does happen then you need to apply heat the affected pipe ie by a hair dryer, please bear in mind that if we suffer with a bad winter as we did last year then all contractors will be maxed out.


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What is the (Landlord) Leaseholder Deed of Certificate (Building Safety Act)?
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