May 16

More good news as the UK Property Market Races Off

The property market has opened back up so that’s great news. If you’ve got a property that’s vacant, don’t worry too much you know the agents are out there they’re gonna find tenants for you.
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Video Transcription:
Hey so just wanted to quickly give you some good news. So basically the property market has opened back up so that’s great news because what it means you now do maintenance on your property, we can let your property and we can sell your property. We can do whatever we need to do in relation to the property.
Now obviously social distancing, PPE and all those considerations are still in place, but it does mean and there are a couple of things. First of all, we’ve seen a real jump this week okay because we’ve been open the whole time, this caught everyone off by guard because most people are thinking to be the end of the month most people thinking you know when would it be we’d talk about it there’d be discussions about it but actually it seems like, they’ve gone you know what bang yet you’re on tomorrow morning. And it literally was a late-night pad you can come back tomorrow morning.
So what’s meant is we’re using agents that are open and actually we’ve had offers come in left, front, centre actually it’s working pretty well it’s looking pretty good. So that’s great news for the vacancy side of things it also means and one of the things actually my previous video I said was you know I said around about 5%. But the one thing that wasn’t counting in that was the fact that a number of tenants have said you know to stick it up your bum I’m out of here you know I’m giving notice. And so we had an account of that and I haven’t actually added the totals up yet but what it has meant now is that actually that ammunition falls on real deaf ears now because if they’re going to leave and we’ll be able to get you someone new so yes you have to pay a fee to bring them in on once the stuff or you know depending on where it isn’t that but the reality is it’s good news all around.
The market is actually pretty good you know the market is you know actually even in the sales side you know we furloughed most of the staff in a sales side but we still got 20% you know, we had an 80% drop, we still got 20% of the business there and lots and lots of people who are still talking to us. Because once they’ve got a little bit more certainty they’re gonna jump back in.
So actually it’s a really it’s a surreal thing, talking to mates in the US a totally different scenario. yeah I’m talking to mates in Australia you know it’s still actually not too bad in Aussie as well and even kiwi and that you know it’s a few places like that. South Africa not much is happening at my mates that I’ve spoken to around there. China’s working, Hong Kong, Singapore you know all these places are still okay. Although Singapore you can’t do anything because you’re in total lockdown pretty much apart from food and that there’s no real estate agency stuff.
But you know it’s all of them good you know and I have to say you know been saying for a while you know the US is a basket case and I think it is going to be a basket case. I think they’re gonna hit a pretty horrible recession but maybe that’s what Trump wants so that all the asset price is dropping all his billionaire buddies can buy all the assets up. But the banks are looking good the banks are lending that’s all working really well so that is going to hold the market up and work really well for us in the UK so good news.
But anyway if you’ve got a property that’s vacant don’t worry too much you know the agents are out there they’re gonna find tenants for you and there are tenants moving and remember. It’s spring now so, spring bounce yeah and so whereas we normally would have seen more people move anyway we’re seeing that but the great thing is more people moving means more people are looking for places. So your void period you know stays about the same you know so yeah good news all right guys have a great weekend speak later see you later bye


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