December 1

Mortgage Interest: 1 Year Fixed Or 5 Year Fixed, Which Should I Choose?

Mortgage Interest When Buying An Investment Property

Mortgage Interest in a Pandemic, well it will all depend on your situation. Cashflow situation, if this is an investment or your first property?

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Video Transcription:
Should you take a two year or a five year fix?
It’s a hard question to answer, I’ll answer it for you as best I can with the limited information I’ve got. It depends on your portfolio if you reckon that you’re not going to be buying any property for the next two two years or five years because of your cash flow situation because of the capital situation.If you’re buying you know your own home versus an investment you know there’s a lot of different aspects like that. 
If you’re buying your first house oftentimes fixed so you know exactly what it is. If your income is very tight and you don’t want the fluctuations then you know fix it. If it’s going to stay low quite low well actually a variable may be the you know the trick. So it’s hard to know but actually undertake if you send an email to me at I’m more than happy to anonymise it but what I’ll do if you give me some more details about your situation I’m happy to do a video on it. 
I think that’s really interesting to know you know fixed or variable because there’s different aspects to look at. It’s not just a case of well this is what’s happening so therefore drop you know fix it. It depends on what your goals are, it depends on what you know your situation is financially in terms of cash flow in terms of how much capital you’ve got. You know that’s all sorts of things that we take into account when we’re making that sort of decision. That’s what the team do you know that’s what the guys are you know really you know experience at doing you know we do we do that all the time.
There’s huge opportunities out there and as long as you’re not you know the news is there to have the headlines and you know unfortunately that’s and a lot of them are the majority of the negative headlines unfortunately. I think the real key is you know how it affects your portfolio has affect your career, things like disruption all that and when you work all that out actually you might find that now there’s no better time to invest than now. The rates are insane you know i mean we’re talking you know i’ve got some clients who are talking about 1.9% you know which is just extraordinary. The cash flow on that is so cheap and they’re able to lock that in for two to five years.
Any questions you’ve got you can call the team you can email the team and more than you know we’re more than happy to answer it more than happy to give you you know our two cents in predictions and where we think things are going and how your strategy can work or not work and you know all that sort of stuff you know we’re here to sort of help you guys but look thank you very much.



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