February 19

New Property Management Software – Arthur Online Introduction


If you are missing data or wondering where something when then don't worry we have it in hand.

Couple of important points which I didn't cover in the video.

We are currently added all the information we have about your property. This may be from sales data (up to 17 years ago, yes we have data from back then) This as you will imagine is a massive amount of data and will take I believe several months to add to the system. It's about 3.4 Terabytes of data over 75,000 individuals files. We have 3 full time staff out of our Singapore office working on it.

So it will take some time, likely the next 6 months but it will be worth it. To have all your data in one place.

Right now the priority to getting the essential data added to the system for move in, move outs, rent arrears and other important things.

We will then work through and update all the properties. Once this initial upload is done we will then move to the next step. 

Finding missing data about your properties.

There is substantial data that you may have about your property that was given to you during the conveyance phases, data which will help when you sell and data which was part of the sales process (which we largely have) we will then be adding this.

Finally, we will be adding the market data such as regular valuation updates and historical information about the progression. of your plot.

Ultimately it's about turning your little data into big data and allowing you to make better decisions through AI and deep learning about your properties and portfolio. It will also help with Capital Gains Tax, knowing when to raise rents and by how much and a heap of other important decisions which we can help you make. It's the future of property investment brought forward but we need the data and we will need your help.

Live with passion and fun, 



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