Portfolio Plan, Strategy

A Personalised Property Plan & Strategy where your Goals meet the Current property market With Enough Flexibility to Grow In The Future. 

We are Portfolio Strategists not Deal Hunters. We take a different approach to building your portfolio. Setting a strong foundation for growth in any market.

Let Us Create you a comprehensive Portfolio Report that will capture your current situation, and give you valuable information on the current market and tell you what type  of investor you are.

Our Portfolio Strategy Team

Brett Alegre-Wood Group Managing Director

Brett Alegre-Wood

Founder & Chief Market Strategist

RItesh Patel Director of New Homes

Ritesh Patel

Senior Strategist 

(Regeneration & Hotspots)

Dan Varnaseri

Senior Strategist
(Portfolio Building)

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"Very Personalised... as a foreign buyer who's not familiar with UK rules"

Assisted me on my purchase of an apartment in London. Very personalised service and patient to guide me along as a foreign buyer who's not as familiar with the UK rules. Very prompt response and professional advice.

"Excellence in management"

Have been excellent managing the rentals on my London property . I cant think of one bad word to say against them over three and a half years they've managed it for me...they have made it effortless on my part I would really recommend Ezytrac for managing your property and rentals.

"Excellent service guidance through a property purchase"

Always had an excellent service from Ezytrac.  ...the progression team whom processed, guided and liaised between me the broker and the solicitors to make my recent property purchase feel completely effortless on my part... 

Ezytrac really is an excellent property management company and stand out way above others I've used in the past.


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