April 24

Property Tech in 2019 with Ezytrac’s Brett & Mike

Ezytrac’s Brett Alegre-Wood & Michael Scrase- Hollamby discuss the changes which are coming in 2019 with technology in the property industry.
It’s been many years since the industry got a much-needed dose of innovation and disruption but now it’s coming at full force which is catching many other agents off guard. Many estimates predict that around 30% of agents will close up and this will present a huge opportunity to the remaining survivors.
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Video Transcription:
Brett: So prop tech. Let’s talk about property tech because that’s something that is both close to our heart.
We’ve just moved into a new online version of our software, which is great, called Alto. What that does … It makes the team more efficient, they do things quicker. But also part of what we’re rolling out as well as the ability for you to store all your properties on Property Passport, or whatever we’re calling it officially. But also you’ll be able to get your rents, any details you want, invoices, online, so you don’t have to call in, you don’t have to do all that sort of stuff. So that’s quite good.
Michael: Yeah, it actually frees up a lot of the time, again, for the team that … Sometimes you might just have a quick inquiry not having to contact the office. Straight online, secure access into that, to get that information out very, very quickly. Frees up the time, again, for the team to be actually managing your property effectively.
Brett: Yep.
You know, there are other things happening too. We’ve got the automatic valuation ability to do now. You jump on the website and get an online valuation on your property, whether that be value or rent.
There’s a lot of this property tech which is starting to come together, and the whole idea with this is that we are been joining that up so you’ve just got one portal that gives you all this.
And there are some restrictions like we’re on now because we’re not totally autonomous. It’s not quite there yet. But we are getting there, and it’s getting a lot easier to get access to that data that you need.


Property Tech

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