EzyMediation Service

It's really unprecedented times right now and just like you, many Landlords are struggling to make ends meet and keep everything together.

Obviously, we are aware that you have fallen behind in your obligations under the Tenancy Agreement and so rather than stick to the letter of the law and throw contractual terms at you, we'd like to work together with you to find a solution to get us all through this and come to a mutually agreeable solutions for both parties.

Breeching the obligations under the Tenancy is no fun for anyone, it could you end up in court and could ultimately mean that you get a County Court Judgement (CCJ) against your credit rating. 

This can stay on there for up to 6 years and mean that you have credit agencies and bailiffs chasing you and your life is put on hold while you repay the debt plus interest and costs.

That's not what we want... 

We'd rather work together with you to find the best solution. So we've already spoken with the Landlord who has allowed us to contact you about the debt and see if we can't come to an arrangement.

Ultimately, it will be their decision as to what's decided but we will work hard to bring both parties together. However, if we can't come to a solution then we will need to defer to the courts and other legal remedies available for us.

All we'd like to know now is are you willing to consider a simple mediation process? The aim is to see if we can't get things resolved and a separate agreement or amicable solution for the situation.

A simple phone call is all that is required at this stage.

The options open to us may be:

  • Early surrender of the Tenancy
  • Affordable payment plan arrangement
  • Write off part of the debt in return for early surrender.

Basically we're not ruling anything out right now and that's why we'd like to chat.


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