Stunning Feature Walls to set
your investment apart...
Why look like everyone else when you can stand out!

Beautiful walls that draw your eye and set you investment apartment from the rest.

Painted Feature
Painted Wall in colours that create the perception of space

Wallpaper Feature
Try our collection of multi-colour Pattern Design feature to really set the room alive.

Material Feature
Choose from Wood, Tiles, Marble, or any material to strike a pose for your wall.

Luxury Feature
This option includes things like shelves, tiles, and other things which bring your wall alive.

Our Designers will choose the best fit for your property.

Whether it's an £80,000 1 bedder in the North or a £1.2million 2 bedders in Chelsea, our designers are ready to create the perfect impact for your wall. 

  • Create the perception of more space
  • Impactful entrances that mean your apartment will stand out from the others in the development.

"My place rented in no time, having bought in a large development I was concerned that it would take time, the tenants loved the living and bedroom walls."          
Marcia and Phillipe, Investors

We handle everything for you!

For the best results, we can match your wall to the furnishings to create the ultimate experience.

Our team will do the work, clean up and then send you photos when we are done.

We're investors just like you!

So no over the top designs that are dated before your tenant moves out, we aim at having years of usage for your wall. 

Get your Feature Wall now!


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