11 reasons why you’ll benefit from Ezytrac Property Management

When we started building our property management offering, we wanted it to be like each of our clients: unique. We think we’ve succeeded in our aim, and here are eleven reasons why.

1. You get a national coverage with a local presence

Increasingly we’re finding that the UK property market is moving at different paces. When the London market is hot, the North might be cold. Property investors have discovered that it’s important to diversify, and that the best property investments aren’t always just around the corner on the next street.

With over 2,500 properties under management (and growing), you benefit from a property management company that maintains the same high standards across the country, while taking advantage of a local presence. Wherever your property is, and however spread your portfolio becomes, with Ezytrac you benefit from a single point of contact and property management made easy.

2. You get a fully managed and comprehensive management package

We cover every stage and every step of property management. We’ll even liaise with your sales progression manager on off-plan or new build investments, to ensure that the lead-in time between completion and tenanting is kept to an absolute minimum.

With our local presence, you’ll find that emergency repairs and general maintenance work is dealt with swiftly, professionally, and cost-effectively. And all your properties will benefit from comprehensive tenancy agreements, regular inventory checks, and efficient rent collection procedures (which enable transfer of rent into your account within 24 hours of appearing in our account).

3. You get the peace of mind of the ARLA

We are a member of the Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA). You can rest assured that you’ll benefit from the strict criteria that all ARLA members must adhere to, including:

Experience, professionalism, and guaranteed designated client accounts for holding rental and other monies. Your money will be backed up by an NFoPP client money protection scheme.

Our accounts are inspected every year and submitted to the ARLA.

As a member of the ARLA, we’re also obligated to have professional indemnity insurance.

4. You get a senior management team who are all ARLA qualified

We believe we have the best senior management team in property management. We’re not only ARLA members on a company level; every single member of our senior management team is individually ARLA qualified, evidence of their outstanding experience, expertise, and dedication to the industry and our clients.

5. You get a dedicated property manager

Unlike some property management companies, we believe that your job as an investor and our job as a property manager is made easier by making communication easier. So you’ll get a dedicated property manager as a single point of contact for all your needs, concerns and queries. In turn, your property manager works with a team to manage your properties wherever they are.

6. You benefit from a dedicated maintenance department with national coverage

We understand how important repairs and maintenance are to successful property investment. When something goes wrong, it needs to be addressed quickly and professionally. It also needs to be attended to cost-effectively. That’s why we have a whole department that coordinates every repair and maintenance need your property may have. These guys and girls really know their stuff, too, which means that you will never overpay for a repair.

7. You get the advantage of our excellent relationships with local lettings agencies

One of the keys to getting your property let is finding the best tenants. In all the markets where we manage properties, we work hard to foster relationships that make a difference to our clients. You’ll see that with our national network of tradesmen.

You’ll also benefit directly with our reach into local markets through our relationships with local lettings agencies. This gives us an incredible extended reach to the local tenant market, and that means your property gets in front of the maximum number of eyes – and that gets it rented quicker and at the best possible price.

8. You get annual statements that are useful

Whether you have one property or a whole hatful, we’ll provide a summary statement of expenses that can be directly used for your tax return. No more struggling to collate pieces of paper from multiple providers and property managers. No more complicated paperwork and unfathomable conversations with accounts. A simply smooth passage through HMRC!

9.You (and your tenants) benefit from 24-hour emergency repair callout

Our national network of maintenance and repair specialists and tradesmen would be of limited use if they only worked nine to five. And they wouldn’t be much use if we only operated between those outdated office hours, too.

That’s why we provide your tenants with a unique repair reporting application system. They can add photos and contact details, and our 24-hour emergency team will assess need and get maintenance work carried out according to that need.

You get to sleep soundly, assured in the knowledge that any emergency repairs are being dealt with diligently and in a timely fashion. That’s huge peace of mind for your tenant, too.

10. You get a dedicated utilities department to deal with all bills and correspondence

We’ll deal with all your utility bills and all correspondence from any quarter. We’ll make sure that they are handled in line with the terms and conditions of our agreement and the tenancy agreement. It’s the no-fuss service that will make a real difference to your stress levels!

11. All in all, you get effortless property management

This all adds up to the three words that sum up our mission: effortless property management.

You’re an investor. Our comprehensive property management service allows you to concentrate on running your investment, instead of marketing, vetting tenants, chasing rent, arranging maintenance, struggling with expense statements, and taking calls about dripping taps at two in the morning. And that means you also get to live your life the way you want to, and doing what makes you happiest.

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