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Here's the range of services we offer. 

Inventory/Check In/ Schedule of Condition

An inventory will provide a detailed and accurate description of the property at the time of inspection. It covers all areas including the front and rear garden, garages, outhouses and sheds as well as all of the internal rooms, furnishings and the condition of these areas.

Our clerks visit the property and report back on its condition providing full photo and comments, they even consider smell (seriously we report on that!). We check all basic aspects of the property form a security point of cleanliness, utilities, structural and the state of the garden.

Periodic Property INspections

This is a report usually produced at regular points of the tenancy showing the condition of the rented property.

Our reports are particularly useful to landlords and managing agents to show that the property is being used by the named tenants only.

As well as checking the condition of the property (mould/condensation issues) our Clerks will look for any signs of pets, smoking and over occupancy.

Check Out Reports

A Check Out is a summary report upon or just after the end of the tenancy of the internal condition of the property and contents – this is compiled using the Check In report.

Our expert Clerks using our smart app based reporting identify any deterioration in the condition of the property during the tenancy.

Our completed reports provide accurate descriptions that by comparison with the check-in report will clearly identify any matters of responsibility.

Property Appraisal

Appraisal Report will include the condition of the property’s interior and exterior, from layout, amenities and features.

Our reports will cover Key Selling Points and Local Amenities, such as schools, shops, restaurants etc.

A general overview of the property and surrounding area is included to provide a better understanding of the selling points, from requirement of parking permits to the heating type, from local parks for exercise and dog walking to cinemas and gyms

EPC - Energy Performance Certificate

Energy Performance Certificates provide the rating of the energy efficiency of a property.

It is a legal requirement to have an EPC when a building is sold, rented or constructed, and needs to be available to potential buyers as soon as you market your property for sale or rent.

Our assessors will make recommendations on how to reduce energy usage and increase efficiency

Professional Marketing Bundle

Our professional marketing bundle goes beyond the usual smartphone based photography by an agent it includes exterior and interior shots for the use of selling or renting out a property. We use wide and detailed shots showing space, features, lighting and layout. We also build a 3d Doll house, Virtual Tour and professional copywrite ready for the portals. 

Our photographers are experts in composition, lighting, flash, exposure and focal length.


Our floor plans are drawn to scale, showing a view from above of the relationship between rooms, spaces, traffic patterns and other physical features at one level of construction.

Our floor plans allow the buyer or renter to understand the essence of the property, the spaces, how the spaces interact, and flow. THE most important aspect of any floor plan is its accurate scale!

EICR/EIC - Electrical Installation Condition REport 

With the introduction of new legislation it has become a requirement to have this prior to moving tenants into a property.  

The first EIC certificate is included in the build by the developers/Contractor; they are valid for 5/10 years. An EICR will be required every 5 years.

PAT - Portable Appliance Test

We will make sure the appliances you are providing are safe for use. Whilst not a legal requirement at this stage, it will provide peace of mind to your tenants. 

Legionella Risk Assessment

A Legionella Risk Assessment, or LRA, is an audit carried out to assess the risk of Legionella bacteria being present in a property.

Our assessors collect samples from key points around your property. These samples will then be securely delivered to a UKAS-accredited lab for analysis.

Our certificates will contain advisories and action required precautions to limit the risk of Legionella exposure in the property.

GSC - GAS Safety Certificate & Boiler Servicing

Gas Safety is a requirement and must be conducted annually and provided to the tenants. '

Whilst Boiler servicing isn't a requirement its worth considering especially in a hard water area. It will safe you the replacement costs. We usually suggest every 2 years as a minimum. 


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