Video Maintenance System by 'Help Me Fix' 

The way that we deal with maintenance issues is changing. Certain Maintenance issues should be logged using our website where you will be connected with a tradesperson over  video. You will be able to connect with someone in a matter of minutes. 

You will have 24hrs access on our website to the Help me Fix service, however we will be authorising usage on a case-by case. 

The app is designed to get your maintenance problems dealt with quickly and efficiently. You can connect with a qualified and experienced tradesperson via video that can help to identify your issue, and where possible, help you fix it under supervision.

If the issue requires a physical visit, the engineer will cut your waiting time by providing photos and a full report of the issue to our management team, so that the physical engineer can arrive with parts and “first fix” the problem.

You will be able to connect with virtual engineers in the following categories: 

Gas, Heating, Plumbing, Oil, Electrical, Drainage, Locks, Appliances, Alarms (other issues will be dealt with during business hours through the form below.)

You can use the service 24hrs. However, please only use the service if you have a genuine maintenance issue in the above categories otherwise you may be charged for the call.

Opt Out - You do have the option of opting out of this service as we will need to share your Name, email address and mobile number with Help me Fix purely for the purpose of providing you with this service.

If you choose not to then you need opt out by completing the form below.

Help Me Fix Opt Out

Use this to opt out of the Help Me Fix service. This may mean longer waiting times for a resolution to your issue.