March 8

Seven essential external spring cleans for buy-to-let landlords

Keep your property in top condition and onside with your tenants

Now that winter is fading and spring is fast approaching, it is time for buy-to-let landlords to wash away the winter blues and prepare their properties for warmer weather. Here are seven tasks that you should undertake to keep the exterior of your investment property in top shape.

1.    Check the roof

Inspect the roof from ground level. Look to see if any tiles or slates have been cracked or broken, or have fallen from their position. If they have, get them repaired as soon as possible.

2.    Check and clear gutters

Time to get the ladder out, and clear the gutters of winter debris. Remove leaves. Check for cracks. Ensure that drains are clear below downpipes.

3.    Inspect outside taps, pipes, and drains

Turn on outside taps and let them run for a minute or two. Check that water flow is as it should be. If the water isn’t flowing correctly, it could mean you have a burst pipe. Check external pipes for cracks. It’s also time to get on your hands and knees and make sure that external drains are clear of debris. It’s a mucky job, but someone must do it.

4.    Check pathways and driveways

Winter snows, ice, and frosts take their toll on concrete and paving. Check for cracks or any subsidence. If you leave either unrepaired, April showers could make them worse.

5.    Fix fences and gates, and wooden furniture

Check fence panels to make sure they are intact. Inspect gates to ensure they still close properly. It’s time to protect wooden garden furniture, and make sure it is safe to sit on and use. While you have the paint or creosote out, recover wooden fences and gates. They will look good and last longer with a bit of TLC.

6.    Power wash walls and panelling

It’s time to power wash the walls and panelling on the exterior of your property. This will clear mould and mildew, let you inspect the walls more easily, and make your property look better.

7.    Don’t neglect windows and doors

Clean exterior windows and doors to rid them of the dirt that will have built up during the winter. If needed, give them a lick of paint to maintain their appearance and weatherproofing.

Spring clean your buy-to-let and both you and the tenant will benefit

Doing these seven tasks will help to keep your buy-to-let investment property in top condition. But more than this, it will also show your tenants that you are serious about being a good landlord and looking after them. They will benefit from a well-maintained and presentable property that provides a good space to enjoy the better weather with family and friends. You will benefit from a tenant who repays your hard work by doing their bit to look after your property.
When you do decide to do your spring clean, don’t forget to get the tenant’s permission to enter their home. You should consider combining an internal property inspection with external spring maintenance work. For more advice, tips, and to learn why Ezytrac is one of the fastest-growing investment property management companies in the UK, contact one of our team today on  +44  01522  503  717.
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