Arvil is only in her fourth week with the company but she wanted to share this story because she believes that many Landlords with furnished properties could learn from the following;
The tenant called from one of our London properties to report that the table and four chairs were very wobbly. She has tightened the screws a few times herself, but unfortunately after they had been used a couple of times they were all wobbly again.
Our contractor promptly went to the property. He advised that the table and chairs were in quite good condition but that they were of poor quality. Due to the poor quality all of the chairs had come apart at the seams. The contractor re-glued the seams, and tightened all of the bolts on the joints.
The landlord has chosen the cheapest version and put it in themselves (probably spending a whole day to do it) All to save a bit of money.
Although we are advised that they have been repaired with a very strong adhesive that should hold fine, we ask ourselves for how long for? The cost of the repairs were only £45, but would the landlord have been better off spending that little bit more to begin with on better quality? We do not know if this will happen again, and then he may need a new table and chairs altogether.
I can understand that Landlords want to save as much money as they can, and in fact we stronger push for this in every situation, but you can still buy pretty good quality at a reasonable price, rather than going too cheap and incurring extra expenses in the long run, and possible having to buy a whole new set prematurely anyway. I believe it is best to buy the best quality you can at the time, to reduce future problems in the future.
Bottom Line, speak to the team on +44 (0)1522 503 717, we have access to the right type of furniture for rental properties.
Many thanks and best regards,
Avril Young


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