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Tenants Won’t Give Access For A Viewing! What Recourse Do You Have?

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Hey guys.

So what recourse Do you have if your tenant doesn't allow access to the agent to actually be able to do viewings in the final month. 

Now, the AST (Tenancy Agreement) will normally state that they can have viewings in the final month, but the reality is, the only way you can gain possession is through a court order, or through their approval. So the reality is, there's not really much you can do, is there any recourse?

Look, you could go to court over it, you could prove damages (aka loss of rent), you could prove in this case, say, three weeks of wasted time, in other words, viewing time, and potentially rent, but I can tell you the cost that it will be to actually go through that court process is not going to be worth it. 

So the reality is, what is the recourse? there pretty much isn't anything you can do that is worthwhile putting the money into you probably might get it back anyway because they're gonna look at it and say, Look, you know, quiet enjoyment to that, you know, deal with it.

You're a wealthy landlord, and this is a poor tenant, and that's the attitude with most people these days. And unfortunately, that's the situation now so unless you're fancy going to court and probably losing and can you know, you'd have to be able to prove damages as well then it's not much you just got to bite your lip and you know what, get them out as soon as you possibly can and get that agent have viewings lined up ready to go so people can move in as soon as possible and decrease your void period.

Realistically I look at maximum six weeks void period any property and if you find the right the right Estate Agent, ie you've got a competent agent asnd found the realistic market rent, those two things, great, fantastic. Anyway, click follow for more.


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