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The Best Christmas Gifts for Tenants – A Landlord’s Guide

Seven Christmas Gift Ideas That Will Be Appreciated

Christmas is a great time of year for showing your appreciation. As a landlord, you may wish to give a gift to your tenants. Easier said than done. Coming up with Christmas gift ideas is hard enough for friends and family. Deciding on Christmas gifts for tenants can be even harder – you don’t know them nearly as well as you know your friends. Just how do you choose a great gift for a tenant?

Choose Christmas Gifts That Will Be Appreciated by Your Tenants

The best tip I can give to a landlord who wishes to present their tenants with a gift at Christmas is to work with your knowledge of the tenant and to work within your budget.
You probably know more about your tenant than you think:

  • For a start, you know if they are single, a couple, or a young family
  • You know what type of work they do from your background checks
  • You know if they commute or work locally
  • You’ll also know their main issues with your property, from the repairs they have requested

There is also plenty you don’t know about them, such as their diet or whether they drink alcohol.
Whatever you decide to gift your tenant, you want it to be appreciated. You don’t want it put in a cupboard and forgotten, or, worse still, disliked.

Christmas Gift Ideas That Have Meaning

First off, I would steer away from the traditional bottle of wine. If your tenant is a teetotaller, a recovering alcoholic, or drinking alcohol is against their religion, then the gift won’t be appreciated.
Another Christmas gift idea that I would shy away from for tenants is flowers. Sure, most people love flowers, but not all people like the same flowers. I know tenants whose favourite flowers are lilies, while for others they bring back sad memories of loved ones they have lost. Another problem with flowers is that they must be tended, and eventually wilt and die. Nope, forget flowers.
Here are seven ideas for Christmas gifts for tenants that will show your appreciation and make it personal, without being overfriendly.

1.    Money off January’s Rent

Most people are strapped for cash after Christmas. This is especially true for families. What better way to show someone you care than to knock a little off January’s rent? You choose the amount. Send a card with an inscription to tell them you appreciate them as a tenant, and that you are “taking £75 off January’s rent as a seasonal gift to you and your family”.

2.    A New Appliance

“Woah, a new appliance?” I hear you ask. A very expensive Christmas gift for tenants. Or is it?
If your tenant has been having problems with their washing machine, and you’ve been bothered two or three times in the last few months with repair requests, this might be the ideal present. You would probably have needed to replace the appliance soon anyway. So, it is a cost that was on its way. The new appliance will be under warranty and should stop those annoying repair requests.

3.    A Professional House Clean

One of the most tiresome chores after Christmas is cleaning the house. Your tenants will be returning to work, and their time will be short. Plus, they are likely to be exhausted after a festive period with the family and partying.
A professional clean could be the tonic they need. Plus it ensures that your property is maintained well.

4.    Gift Cards

Gift cards allow your tenant to buy something meaningful and get over the issue of your lack of personal knowledge of them. The trick here is to ensure that the gift card is something they will use. It should also be convenient. Think of what they might spend their money on – groceries, clothes, or items for the home, for example – and buy a gift card from a local store that is easy for them to get to.

5.    Movie Tickets

A great gift idea for most tenants: who doesn’t like a good movie? Buy a couple of open tickets for their local cinema – or a movie ticket gift card.

6.    A Calendar or Diary

One of the most useful gifts available. Make it personalised, with emergency repair contact details printed on it. They should never pay the rent late again!

7.    A Basket of Fruit

Gift baskets are a common gift for tenants, but in recent years the game has changed a little. You must be careful of what is included in a gift basket. There are many more allergies than there ever used to be, and many more diet-conscious tenants. Avoid baskets that include a bottle of wine, any products that may include nuts, and hampers that include meat.
A basket of fruit is great for healthy snacks during the festive season.

Appreciate Your Tenant and They Should Appreciate You

The concept of Christmas gifts for tenants is a constant discussion point for landlords. Some think it a frivolous expense that makes no difference to the landlord/tenant relationship. I think that if you choose wisely, your gift will have real meaning and be appreciated. It shows your human side, and that you appreciate your tenant.
Many gifts are a win/win. You’ll save money in the long run. Other gifts are simply a thank you. If you decide to give your tenants a gift this Christmas, make it meaningful and work to a price point that you can afford. Then look forward to another year of uninterrupted rental income.
With Christmas on its way, why not give yourself the gift of effortless property management? To find out how contact Ezytrac today +44 0 1522 503 717.
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Christmas for Tenants

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