April 23

The Best Tool For Virus Data Visualisation is…

Been asked a lot about what tools I use for some of my data. I think besides the boring John Hopkins and Worldometer sites this tool, in particular, has caught my attention and is great a visualising when countries are off the curve of both cases and deaths. Interestingly no recovery data on this either.
The link to the tool I talk about is: https://www.aatishb.com/covidtrends/
For all Brett’s Coronavirus resources https://www.gladfish.com/covid19/
Video Transcription:
Hey guys and welcome to coronavirus and property investors. So what I wanted to cover today was just the tools that I’m using to actually make, I guess you know that I use for the various things in terms of the virus side of things not actually the economics, not the human tragedy but actually the economics sorry the viral side of it. And I think the most interesting one and I’ll take you to that to start off with because I think that’s the most important to look at is actually you know what I’m noting to pronounce that I’ll put it on screen because if you don’t have the link and actually it’ll be linked in the actual description because it’s a subsite of a subsite.
I think the real important thing is I think this is where this is how I’m using or if you’re like visualizing because I’m you know I’m big on to data and when you look at the data a lot of you know John Hopkins or Walder meters they don’t really you know they’re quite you know to blend in their presentation. So if we have a look at the world of meter site you know it’s got the totals it’s got a couple of graphs. And yes you can do you know a couple of other things with the groovy graphs and then it’s got a whole table it’s not that interactive.
The one that I use if I really want to see where things are you know because you can go and punch data or you can look at this and so this is here so it’s called www.aatishb/covidtrends and basically if you go there it’s an amazing website. So let me just show you this I just want to show this so this is an illustration so you can see China jumping up right now and then China you know come to us come down the rest of the world starts the chase. You know South Korea takes off it drops off now you notice these drop-offs, that’s the important thing so this is forever to look at that now look at the US live in the US, wow that’s you know shooting right up and you can see a number of countries dropping off that’s dropping off the curve effectively.
Now, this is definitely this new confirmed cases in the past week over total confirmed cases. So over time obviously so this is basically it starts at 50 confirmed case more that’s where it starts. So some countries won’t be on here they’re under 50 but effectively I can choose on the side whichever countries I want. In this case, I’ve got a number of countries and I’ve looked at confirmed cases. And now this is interesting when you look at this you go actually the US is not too far you know not too bad and you look at most countries yes China’s dropped off I’ve heard about that Australia, New Zealand yeah they’re doing quite well and they’ve got it quite early so the further down on the Left it is the earlier they’ve caught it and dropped off the curve. The further down the track and as you’ll see when you proper data just the raw data what you’ll see is most countries are following exactly the same trajectory. A few countries like Singapore was following the director who dropped off but then it shot back up again because what happened was the migrant workers got hit. You know so there are stories like that but effectively the data is showing that this spreads the same way. Which is good news it was all over the shop and you couldn’t plot it would be very hard to know which is the best course of action.
But the reality is we do know the best course of action because we can look at what the countries that have dropped off have done. Whether it be really tight controls whether it be you know for the most part that that is the theme the social distancing right testing, tracing you know all that sort of stuff you know so basically if you do that’s those countries are dropping off the curve.
The UK is is up there and Europe’s up it they just didn’t have enough testing they didn’t respond quick enough the US arguably you know still isn’t doing enough testing you know and the track in tracing well you know and they’re still letting people run around.
This is interesting because when you look at this data you think well actually the US is not too bad you know, people making out that this you know big problems in the US but here’s the interesting thing yeah this here is 10 ok cases this is 100 this is 1000 this is 10,000 this is a 100,000 and this is a million. So it’s adding a zero with each one that goes up.
So let’s have a look at the same thing on a linear scale, all right and you can see when you go back to this and I’ll just let it run because I think this is where you really see. Because is what you’ve got here now is 50 100 150 200 thousand so it’s an equal scale and now you start to see the real issue with the US and the real failure of Trump and the government and in fact all the politicians over there. That is the reality of the US situation and why the US potentially is going to have some really hard times economically because obviously this is the virus but actually this is led into the economics you know there I don’t think they’re going to bounce back. I think they will hit a U-shape recession you know unemployment’s through the roof everything is through the roof betterment let’s not talk about that.
This is the real thing now what we can also look at because cases is one thing but actually what you can look at if you want to see whether they’re out of it or not is if you go to again logarithmic scale and let’s play it out so obviously China mainland you know this is death by the way deaths. All right so you can see now the deaths have dropped in China and now what you’re seeing is shoot up and as sue them drop off that means the deaths have dropped off. Which means they’re pretty much contained the virus so I really like this for its visualization capability. And look you know that is what it looks like which means it basically shows that all countries follow the same track. However when you do it in a linear fashion yeah you realize that all countries aren’t addressing it in the same way and this is deaths remember. So you know a lot of it you can see China’s already dropped off you know there and you can start to see you know what’s happening yet dropping off Spain, Italy they’ve dropped off France, United Kingdom and the US.
I mean the US just skews everything out of proportion I mean this is you know this is ridiculous I mean just show you how bad Trump and the republican government is in the white house right now. And how poor response is you know and anyone has been following it. It is appalling absolutely appalling this is deaths remember so you know it’s just incredible.
But anyway get back to the graph the data you know this is really good and I can change I’ve got a whole list of things down here the countries that I can choose I can choose deaths so I can choose confirmed cases I can actually look at you know if I want to just look at the US I can bring the US, in other words, this is the states. So we can see which states have been doing which states are off the curve so you can see these deaths in the US so New York has started to drop off the curve New Jersey you know some of these that if we take out New York on this you know then it wouldn’t be so bad but they’ve been hammered. You know they were the first in and they’re the biggest most populous place. That understandably given that they didn’t get hold of it.
So this is really good this covert trends www.aatishb/covidtrends and then you can set it up how you want it and it really shows you what things are really happening. So anyway that’s just a quick one for that have a great day and remember stay safe, stay healthy and stay at home if the restrictions haven’t been lifted I mean the good news is they’re starting to talk about that so we may be back at it although I’m in Singapore we’re locked down to the 1st of June so they’re really taking it seriously because we have had another resurgent so if you’re like almost a second wave of this already although arguably it’s probably part of the first wave, not the second wave but anyway alright guys see you later bye


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