November 17

The Law Favours The Tenants- Why Is it Landlord’s Biggest Problem?

Video Transcription:
Lettings and Management Rant an interesting thing. I mentioned last week we’re finally kicking out the tenant who has £80,000 or something they owe all together and you know this was a Wednesday night on the Thursday we were kicking them out and of course it came out that they changed the rules. The rules are now being questioned and we weren’t able to kick them out. The bailiffs weren’t allowed to go in there and so that’s you know it’s terrible. The problem you’ve got now is you can go through court and you can get the court order but the bailiff can’t enforce them to get out if it’s under a tier two or three which is the high or very high of the lockdown side of things. So tier one fine two three you know cannot which is such a pain in the bum because it means that now it’s potentially another month or two or however long it is. I really feel for these landlords because it is frustrating and it’s not fair to them. You know this woman has abused the system and totally abused it even to the last day. She kept putting this off.
Evictions you can’t do that right now. To be fair we’ve got very few people going through that process so anyone who says to you oh yeah there’s hundreds and thousands and you know 80,000 people being evicted we haven’t seen it from our database. Part of that is because we mediate and negotiate very early on we get on top of things you know we don’t let them just stay and stay and stay but you know when people can abuse the law and this is what this woman has done she’s just abused the law and the law unfortunately plays that game so it’s terrible.
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