November 11

Time for Buy-to-Let Landlords to Get a Gas Boiler Service

Avoid Cold and Irate Tenants This Winter

Summer is winding down, and winter is fast approaching. Experts are predicting one of the coldest winters for decades. For buy-to-let landlords in the UK, this means it’s time to make sure the gas boiler in your buy-to-let property is still in top shape. You don’t want your tenants to have problems during the coming cold months.

Why You Must Book a Gas Boiler Service

Gas boilers are unlikely to have been working hard during the summer. Many tenants may have turned them off. That first ignition is when tenants discover problems with the gas boiler and heating system. Here are the main issues that might be encountered, and why you should book a gas boiler serviced before the winter kicks in.
Your heating system loses pressure
Lack or loss of pressure is one of the most common problems people experience with their boilers. This is often caused by a leak.
Many landlords think that the fix is to top up their boiler if pressure is lost, but this can cause many other problems. A leak that goes unfixed can cause costly damage to your property and require extensive repairs.
Your manufacturer’s warranty can also be voided if you top up your boiler when it has a leak. By topping it up, you are diluting the inhibitor, which then reduces the protection on your system.
To avoid low-pressure problems with your boiler, a Gas Safe registered engineer will:

  • Check your heating system for any visible leaks
  • Tighten all radiator valves and bleed caps

Hard water is killing your boiler
If you live in a hard water area of the UK, limescale build-up could be killing your boiler. Hard water contains excess minerals and particles that produce limescale build-up over time. This causes blockages in the heating system’s pipes, may affect the heat exchanger, and require an expensive repair. A gas boiler service in a hard water area will uncover the problem, and you may opt to have a scale reducer installed.
Sludge is clogging your system’s arteries
Sludge can build up in any gas heating system. Inhibitors can do a great job of breaking down the sludge, but it still must go somewhere. In most cases, if you have a Microbore system installed, then sludge gets caught in the valves and pipework.
Even a power flush may not remove this sludge. Installing a magnetic system filter will help to reduce and remove sludge. Once fitted, it should be cleaned at each gas boiler service.

Should You Use a Power Flush?

A power flush is a cleaning process which is often sold as a quick and easy fix to problems with your central heating. However, it is not always the best idea. If your buy-to-let property has an old heating system, the joints in the pipework can become weak. A power flush requires immensely high pressure to clean out the heating system, and this might put too much strain on these weak joints and cause them to leak.

Getting the Gas Boiler Fixed in Your Buy-To-Let Property

As a landlord, boiler maintenance should be one of your top priorities. You are obliged by law to maintain a fit and habitable property, and this includes hot water and heating. You are also obliged to ensure that your gas appliances are safe.
With winter fast approaching, now is the time to get your boiler checked out. Don’t forget that under UK law you must use a Gas Safe registered gas engineer to carry out gas boiler servicing and repairs.
Our repair reporting system makes it easy for tenants to report repairs and ensures we are fully aware of the seriousness of the repair required. Our regular property inspections enable us to ask the tenants direct about their carbon monoxide alarms. And our network of Gas Safe registered gas engineers is second to none. For more information, contact Ezytrac today  +44 0 1522 503 717.
Live with Passion,
Brett Alegre-Wood


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