November 5

Trump Or Biden: Who Is Better for Property Investors?

Video Transcription:

So it’s a close race, a very close race 238 Biden to 213 Trump overnight. Pretty much the counting stopped there, I imagine they are still counting but they are not announcing the things. But as you can see their popular vote, 50% Biden and 48% Trump but that means nothing, as we have seen before. The popular vote means nothing to the actual election. What actually matters is how many seats they get. And if you win a state you get all the seats and that’s how the system works.

It’s close, and it’s really too close to call right now. Trump is looking good but by the same token Biden, the mail in would have preference for Biden. It could be that these mail in’s which could take a lot of time and for instance Pennsylvania 1.5M votes to be counted from the mail in, which could totally turn around that. So,  we will see what happens in that.

Either way I think the important thing for us as that Property Investors in the UK and around the world is first of all I think we can have a bit of giggle if Trump gets back in because it’s a bit interesting that someone with no moral compass and it shows you the state of politics and surely something has to give realistically. Then you look at the alternative, I am not that impressed with the alternative either which is Biden. Interesting.

Let’s talk about the special relationship: A special relationship or back of the queue, so that’s what’s being threatened obviously because if we don’t do Brexit right then obviously then Biden gets in, the likelihood is we go back to the queue. Otherwise, if Trump stays in, we are likely to have a special relationship. And let’s face it Trump does not have too many friends so you know if we be friends with him we can probably benefit from that greatly because they are still the largest economy in the world.

It’s all fun and games to have a little bit of laugh and say how silly they are or that sort of stuff but the reality is they are the largest economy and they still are the largest economy and I think that’s the important bit here.

So we want to get a trade deal with them, because we do trade with them quite a bit. Nowhere near as much as we do Europe so Europe should be our first thing. But obviously I have spoken about my Brexit thoughts, whether we will get a deal or not, which obviously I think we will. It will be the last hour, of the last day of the last minute. I think that’s coming and will see about that.

Look I think with this whole special relationship, I don’t think it’s gonna go away, Trump as much as he is gonna push people away if he gets in because this is the problem right now we don’t know who’s in. I was hoping to have an outcome, but basically if Trump gets in I think that is good for us.

If Biden gets in that depends, I don’t think Biden’s gonna totally write us off, I think actually there is a relationship there although he is Irish of decent, so if we screw around with the Good Friday agreement things like that you may find that we don’t get the preference that we have had and the special relationship comes to an end. Let’s face it, it has not been a special relationship this term either but then he has not been in a special relationship with anyone.

The main things that I found and I stole this off, actually I did not put where it’s from. Waiting for a trade deal, the reality is we are not going to get a trade deal with the US, they’ve said we can move to the front of the queue and it will be a great trade deal if Trump gets in, will move to the back of the queue when Biden gets in but it’s not going to be until after January because we are going to be negotiating with the EU and that is our priority and it has to be our priority.

One of the other things Chlorinated Chickens, this is one of the things they are talking about. The fact that they chlorinate their chickens to kill all the bugs and things like that which we don’t do or under EU law we don’t and we could relax that.

Price of the medication, they want to get access to the NHS where they dictate the terms. A ridiculous notion, and we shouldn’t let that happen.

And then the Irish border, I think the Irish border is the one that could bring everything unstuck. And I think that’s the real one that we have to watch out for because it is such a sticking point. If you look at what happens, now things have come along since then so I don’t think it’s going to be as bad.

My gut feel is either one who gets in actually we will be okay. We will get a deal, it might take time, it may not be the best deal, we will have to give and take but that’s in any negotiation. Will it be a WIN-WIN? My sense is you know whether it be Biden or Trump it’s not going to be a WIN-WIN. We are going from a major trading block to an individual island and all be the 6th largest economy in the world. We were the 5th, we were the 1st if you go back to pre WWII.

Either or it does not really matter who wins, obviously we will have plenty of memes and plenty of fun if Trump wins and stays in. I think there’s a lot of damage to be done to the world economy, the globalisation of the world and I think that is one thing Trump will do is move people further apart. Whereas Biden will move the country back into what was the status quo but at the end of the day corporate interest will be put over individual citizens and I think that is unfortunately what’s happening all around the world now and the environment second.

Yes, we will slowly move in the direction of environmental concern and all this sort of bits that we need in society and we know we need too and the science is proven but having Trump for another 4 years would be potentially the death nail for that side of things. I don’t think China is ready to step up that role yet.

So let’s leave that and put that aside because I’m sure you’ve been that’s been drummed into you everywhere in the news there’s thousands of articles about it.


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