November 30

UK Property Investors: Chelsea/Fulham Property vs Regeneration Areas… Which would you choose?

UK Property Investors Which Would Be The Right Choice To Make

UK property investors investing in property, should you go for an established location or regeneration area? Should you decide to go after property regeneration area? Is there an advantage? Is it’s wiser to invest in regeneration area rather than getting a property investment in Fulham London Property or Chelsea London Property wherein the best fundamentals are already established?
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UK Property Investors: What are the advantages of investing in regeneration areas as opposed to already established areas like Chelsea and Fulham?

I think the problem with Chelsea and Fulham and I mean I should rephrase is that there is no problem with Chelsea and Fulham they are the best fundamentals that’s not going to change but what you’re not going to get is the massive growth rates in there. UK property investors are going to get consistent growth rates because the fundamentals are the best. But what you get from a regeneration area is an area that perhaps is a lower price compared to where it will be so you get a very quick growth on that sort of stuff and you’re getting in at a much cheaper price. If you’re getting in early on a regeneration area then the great thing about that is that you can ride that the way up as that as that changes.

I think that’s really important. So hopefully that answers your question but look you know I love Chelsea and Fulham but for most people you know in fact a lot of UK property investors really that’s not you know they’re not able to afford to get in there. I always say you know buy with the best fundamentals and buy the area where you can afford the best fundamentals. If that means you can’t afford London you can afford Manchester or Birmingham or something like that then go to those areas. If you can’t afford that then step down to the next level you know maybe a Leeds or Nottingham or a Liverpool or you know or maybe even go out and get you know houses in the suburbs or something like that like there’s always options. UK property investors should start wherever you can and then as your portfolio builds up you move into the better fundamentals.

There’s huge opportunities out there and as long as you’re not you know the news is there to have the headlines and you know unfortunately that’s and a lot of them are the majority of the negative headlines unfortunately. I think the real key is you know how it affects your portfolio has affect your career, things like disruption all that and when you work all that out actually you might find that now there’s no better time to invest than now. The rates are insane you know i mean we’re talking you know i’ve got some clients who are talking about 1.9% you know which is just extraordinary. The cash flow on that is so cheap and they’re able to lock that in for two to five years.
Any questions you’ve got you can call the team you can email the team and more than you know we’re more than happy to answer it more than happy to give you you know our two cents in predictions and where we think things are going and how your strategy can work or not work and you know all that sort of stuff you know we’re here to sort of help you guys but look thank you very much.

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