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UK Property Investors Up for Great Depression Repeat in 2021?

UK Property Investors Going To See Great Depression Repeat?

UK Property Investors are predicted to see a great depression outcome for 2021? Are we ready for this outcome? Is this scenario going to happen again?

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Video Transcription:

UK Property Investors going to see another Great Depression in 2021? My prediction is that you know we’re not going to see a great depression or an outcome of you know similar to great depression.

Game looks different for UK property investors finances are managed much better in the digital age so we see different work around schemes and scale shifts.

Look, you’re right I’m giving a high level analysis of that. There’s a lot of difference for UK property investors actually you know back in the great depression we didn’t have credit cards, we didn’t have you know personal debt, we didn’t have business there you know like the that we do today so it was a very different situation.

It was very simplistic for UK property investors back then and it was a very crude measure. Now, we’re a lot more refined. You know there’s a lot more interactions. We didn’t have a global economy like we do now you know so there’s a lot of differences and I agree. At some level it’s wrong but actually the other level is it’s correct, I still stand by the fact that back then, they effectively tried to raise interest rates to support the gold standard because they had the gold standard back then. This time they’re just printing money, printing money, printing money which look we can go into a fiat currency you know discussion and all that sort of stuff but you know that’s not for today.

I think they are different but to be fair so far the results have been very different and I think this is my prediction is that you know we’re not going to see a great depression or an outcome of you know similar to great depression for UK property investors. If anything what we will do is we’ll have rather than having big growth okay it’ll be subdued growth for a lot of years.

That’s you know back when I first started in the finance industry years and years ago we’re talking like you know 20, 25 years ago you know people could get sort of 10% -15% returns recently it’s been sort of 8%-10% and now you’re sort of thinking you know 3% to 5% that sort of thing. The general rate of return has been dropping that you can expect now sure you can get more and get less but the reality is that’s kind of where it is.

There’s huge opportunities out there and as long as you’re not you know the news is there to have the headlines and you know unfortunately that’s and a lot of them are the majority of the negative headlines unfortunately. I think the real key is you know how it affects your portfolio has affect your career, things like disruption all that and when you work all that out actually you might find that now there’s no better time to invest than now. The rates are insane you know i mean we’re talking you know i’ve got some clients who are talking about 1.9% you know which is just extraordinary. The cash flow on that is so cheap and they’re able to lock that in for two to five years.
Any questions you’ve got you can call the team you can email the team and more than you know we’re more than happy to answer it more than happy to give you you know our two cents in predictions and where we think things are going and how your strategy can work or not work and you know all that sort of stuff you know we’re here to sort of help you guys but look thank you very much.


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